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Sarena Masco

Graphic Designer



Writers' Spell Poem (From Gail Carson Levine)


The "quote" that I will be writing is from the author Gail Carson Levine book: Writer to Writer: From Think to Ink. She created a poem inspired from Shakespeare's witches in Macbeth and it's a sort of spell to say out loud before writing a story. Below is what I will be writing in calligraphy:

"Mutter, mutter, dream and ponder;

Writer writes and fingers flutter.

Starting words of a startling tale,

On the paper, laugh or wail,

Days of joy and weeks of woe,

Mountains high and vales below,

Hero's hope, villain's might,

Evil's plot, virtue bright.

With this spell of flash and thunder,

In a vision, write the wonder."  

I chose to do this piece because I'm currently writing novel and have a fun time saying this before a writing session and felt that this quote would fit with writing in calligraphy. 

Below are some of my practice pages in writing calligraphy. I tried out various inks (Sumi ink really is the best one to use!) and various papers.



And then below are my intial layout ideas for my poem spell.


I decided to go with the bottom layout as that felt more balanced and easier to read. Below is my pencil sketch of my quote (first one is in pencil, next one in pen so that it's easier to read). 



My final piece. 



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