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I had posted some of my practice on instagram and someone that followed me liked it and asked if I could address her invitations. Having only been doing this a few weeks, I agreed. At first I felt like I was in over my head but, everything came together, I was happy with it and they LOVED the final product. I feel like I've accomplished a lot, I wonder what's next!

Practicing with quotes...


Kept practicing lowercase letters and added some flourishes. I have a few letters that I can't seem to get right: k's, w's x's and z's. I also forgot to dot my i and j... oops!


I worked on the first half of the lower case alphabet. I didn't do anything too flourishy but it felt good to be able to write in a straight line! 

I liked the way my m's were coming out so I did a Mr. and Mrs just for fun.

// DAY ONE //

I've admired calligraphy for a long time - this is my first time trying it out. Ready to make my very own alphabet.

Here's what I did today using the Nikko G nib.

First, I just went for it...

Line height, line weight, staying on a straight line, spacing. Found a lot of inconsistencies. Tried to focus on one thing at a time - at this point I felt ok about the pressure I was using so I started with spacing.

Then I used a ruler to guide my lines.

Then I did it free hand again trying to focus on everything: line weight, line height, writing in a straight line and spacing.


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