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Write with Personality: Class Visuals

I'm keeping things simple with my class visuals. I'm a copywriter and my classes are all about writing better - more clearly, more persuasively and more dynamically. It seems appropriate that the overall look and feel is fairly minimal, so that students can focus on the words. I must admit though, that I'm very jealous of all the illustrators and designers on Skillshare whose classes always look so beautiful!

I have been a little inspired this time around. See how I've snazzed things up with those three illustrated stars on the cover image?!

Below is an example of one of the slides I use to start each new lesson. Again, it's very simple, but it looks tidy and it does the job. The white wall in the background is the same as the one that's behind me in the room when I'm speaking straight to camera, so it gives a nice bit of consistency.

I use the same bright yellow and Open Sans font on my website and elsewhere, so my class visuals are consistent with the rest of my 'brand' too.


Here is the introduction video for my new class. Once again I'm keeping things simple with the graphics and transitions. I'm not entirely happy with the way the music fades in and out - something to look into before I start editing my next class.

And here is the finished class. I hope you enjoy it.


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