JP Adams

Frontend Engineer, Mentor & Shipper of Projects



Write the 2 most important things todo the next day before bed and work on it for 1 hour upon waking

I've been a goal setter for over a decade. I accomplish some of my goals and some slip away but there is never any consistency to it.

I plan to form the habit of stacking bricks and consistently doing bits and pieces until I reach my goals.

My habit personality types:

- Questioner and Obliger

Why did I sign up for this class?:

- I believed that I needed a system to follow so that I can cement that habits neccessary to get me to where I would like to be.

What has been my most consistent good habits in the past?:

- I got to the gym 3 times a week during lunch time at work with 2 coworker/gym partners

- I follow and Intermitent fasting/feeding ritual where I only eat between the time window of 11:30am and 8pm


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