Write a story

Hi Christine, thank you so much for your comprehensive picture book courses 1 & 2. I hope you can read the rhymed story of Wilson woodlouse, that I’m still working on. My process as a whole has been a bit higgledy-piggledy but I hope it can be rescued! The parts of the story I still worry about are :

1. The title, as it’s a bit tricky to pronounce.

2. This is the 3rd version so chopped some lines out to make it fit the word count and move faster. But does it flow logically still? Especially meeting Wally the worm.

3. Regarding the plot, Wilson’s parents explain the answer to his question,( that crabs are the cousins to woodlice). Is this a problem, as Wilson didn’t discover it?

I look forward to any comments and constructive criticism! Thank you.



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