Renata Sherwin




Write a song in a week

In this week-long course, you will be coached in how to write a song – or start one – with little or no experience. Learn about  the basics of lyrics and music, with the help of simple chords on a guitar, and/ or begin to become a partner in songwriting. Non-musos welcome.

This class is a two-hander: my partner, Justin, is an experienced musician: guitarist, lead singer, songwriter, who currently heads up two bands. I am a non-musician, who knows what the rest of us can bring to the table. You don't even need a good voice. Did you know that some of the top earners in the music industry simply write hit songs but will never perform them? Cash without the hassles of fame! Residuals are awesome.

You will come away with a song, and a greater appreciation for your playlist and the craft of songwriting, at the very least. At the most, you are the next big songwriter, and maybe even recording artist. We will walk you through a songwriting process, touching on our own, as well as that of others. You have your own style. Learn to access it and write that song.


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