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Write a Great Law School Personal Statement

Hi everyone,

This is my first skillshare class.  Would appreciate your feedback!



Learn how to write a clear, concise, and compelling personal statement in this short class.  

This class is for you if you want to:

  • Understand how essays are used by admissions officers
  • Pick your topic and write your essay with ease
  • Turn a "good" personal statement into great one!

Through a step-by-step tutorial we will walk through the process, pitfalls, and tips to producing an excellent personal statement.  You will complete an essay by the end of this course. 


Your assignment is to write an excellent personal statement.  (Sharing is optional.)  

Good personal statements tell a powerful story that show a (very busy) law school admissions counselor that you will be a successful student and lawyer. 

Great personal statements are harder. These tell a great story. 

This story must be about you. It must demonstrate your skills. It must reveal your passion. It must persuade. 

Breathe.  Now let's get to work. 


Use the steps shared in this class to guide your thinking, and by the end you'll have an excellent personal statement.

Step 1:  Understand the Question

Step 2:  Pick Your Topic

Step 3:  Explain Why

Step 4:  Edit and Revise

Step 5:  Tailor to Each School


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