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Write Your Series Bible in Markdown

Ever watch a movie and wonder, "who was that character again?"

We've all been there. You search one Game of Thrones character, Super Hero, or Lord of the Rings plot point and land on some fan built wiki page. Soon you get that warm, fuzzy feeling as your brain starts bobbing in a sea of facts, conections, and behind-the-scenes development stories. 

When you finally muster enough will to pull out, your head feels like it's folding in on itself and you've inexplicably lost two hours.

What if you could harness that power for your own series?

Wikis have the power to be that Master Document every writer dreams of which covers every nook and cranny of their fictional universe. They are linkable, searchable, and infinitely scalable.

They are also wreched things to set up and edit. Even if you get through set up, it's difficult to port your work into another format, and some wiki services actively discourage it. What's more, wikis are quite difficult to edit on a mobile device. Wikipedia all but tells you to avoid it at all costs.

This course will focus on creating a wiki style Series Bible using markdown and free tools.

In the end, you'll be using this new file format to keep everything in your world organized, linked, searchable, and highly portable.

Unless, you know, three inch binders hold a special place in your heart instead of a special place in hell.

What's more, you'll be able to use markdown's magic sauce to publish the whole thing to the web or various file formats without any coding on your part.


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