Hello everyone!

After watching a wonderful video I've been sketching here and there. In the end all sketches turned out to be very rough and very different from each other. I am thinking about working on 47 head :)

Refining an idea...

I ended up choosing 56 (rat-bat-monkey flying creature) sketch as a more refined concept of a creature.

A study of free animals. I was mainly focusing on the head of a rat, wings of a bat and monkey legs and arms. I took ref of bat and monkey from network:

Chosen color palette:

I was aiming to show a front side of a creature with arms and legs exposed to highlight how functional they can be. That is why I scrapped flying poses as they only hid them.

Eating something small such as bugs may help to emphasize a small size of a bat, but that is just a thought…

I think I messed up with legs... Any help?...

Finished product:

Any feedback is appreciated!


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