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Wright Family Crest

Really can't say how valuable I found this class and how much fun it was. 

I already knew what the main focus on my crest would be so it was easy to get started right away. We used to do a yearly family campout every year so those memories are a big part of my childhood so it made sense to tie camping into it.


Originally I was going to go with a boxier, more angular shield but I eventually changed that idea. I was pretty happy with my tent and trees, and although I didn't have a slogan yet, I was happy with the banner placement.

The next big part of my family that came to mind was pipe fitting. My grandfather, most of my uncles, and now a few of my cousins have gone into the business so it seemed fitting to include it as it has been supporting so many of us for a long time. While every other shape up until this point was easy to put together, the pipe wrench was a bit more difficult. I got it eventually and am happy with the result I achieved. I also changed out my shield at this point and began playing with a color palette.


The top felt a bit empty so I filled that in with a night sky which was my favorite part of camping. It was when everyone would come together (I have quite a large extended family so most of us would kind of do our own thing during the day) around the fire, talk, laugh, and just spend time together.

I also tried my hand at some laurels but had yet to find a fitting motto for my family.


I did some research and landed on a page that featured several mottos that were, at one point, associated with the Wrights. The one that felt most relavant was "Toleranda et Speranda" which translates to "Endure and hope!". At this time I also decided to fill in the laurels and try out a few different color options.




Lastly, I did a t-shirt mock up.



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