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Wreck-it Ralph Movie Poster


at first i was thinking of drawing ralph and venelope and then a ralph's hand puching the cieling while holding the hero's duty medal. and then this.... 

The "PRESS START"blinking is straight out of the movie and it gives off an information that this movie is about a videogame.

I copied the title and layout but I added the falling pieces in Ralph to emphasize that Ralph is good at wrecking things.

The hero's duty medal is placed on it because Ralph has this idea of winning a medal (so he doesn't feel less in his original game) and in the end he wrecked it. He realized that what he really wanted was acceptance and not a medal.

I used the white brick background so as not to distract the viewer. I want to add a subtle background that would add story to the poster but will still make the title the hero of the poster.


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