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Wreaths & Setting Up Shop - Class Creation

My December 2016 Class: ----------------------------------------


It's all about the cover, right? I got to try to place three wreaths together cohesively for it and love those types of challenges. Modern Watercolor Wreaths: 3 Ways was a follow up to Modern Watercolor Florals: 3 Ways.

As a follow up class, the format was a no-brainer. I followed the format of the first which simplified the process a lot. This is my 10th class here on Skillshare! I'm almost ashamed to say that this was my first class without a Google sheet outline. I really do rely on those to (if nothing else) propel me to move forward as I check off finished sections. But I was really pressed for time as I included a fall look that's quickly fading :)

Another first for me was using Final Cut Pro to edit. I've been using iMovie--an old version at that! I found it intuitive as I love the Adobe Suite programs, but I still lost hours of work investigating simple questions here and there... the school of hard-knocks as usual. 

Oh, and I reverted to using my laptop mic as I discovered that my Snowball Mic was broken. I wasted lots of time fixing shrieking audio only to find my laptop did a better job! 

Per usual, lots of lessons learned through production! Never perfect, but always moving forward!


My October 2016 Class: ----------------------------------------


My classes always fall under the same evolution:

  1. initial excitement - you know, that spark of an idea!
  2. a lot of questions - this always happens... what to include/ what not to include, is it a needed class?
  3. sitting on it - I tend to let things simmer in my mind until my gut kicks in
  4. outlining - create my Google doc outline and asking others for feedback
  5. filming - I start filming whatever is easy, then what's the hardest, then in between's
  6. editing - and wondering will this ever end?
  7. push through to finish!
  8. sleep

I found this quote recently (while creating this class) and I find that that's exactly how I work. It's easy to get bogged down with questions or doubts. In the end, my aim is always to focus on making it good. Quality classes are appreciated because no one wants to feel like they wasted their time and hopes. My aim is to over-deliver. And then, chant "done is better than perfect!" when I'm nearing the finish. 

See my latest class here. It's about setting up or improving an online shop selling prints of your work. 

Let me know how I did! 



My Previous Project for this class in 2015: My First Session ----------------------------------------

Design a Watercolorful Alphabet - Turn Hand-Painted ABCs Into Versatile Vectors is my quick and dirty technique to create an alphabet in watercolor that is then digitized for a myriad of applications. I've so enjoyed teaching this first class and have now started a 2-week session for it: Ready, Set, Alphabet! 


I felt so much freedom in hearing that the most popular classes on Skillshare are on the short side. Being a creative, I thorughly enjoy the dynamic beginning of a project, and then have to push myself to finish well. A shorter class was right up my alley and catering to folks like me. 

Mary Kate's class has been a huge resource to me and a motivator to get teaching! Thank you! 



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