Wrapped Up Ribbon Font

I've been wanting to create a hand drawn alphabet for a while so I was really excited to start this class! I already started with a pretty good idea of what I wanted to create - I was inspired by the following images I had already saved on Pinterest:


Inspiration: Pastel colours/Vintage/Geometric shapes/Bows and Ribbons

Some initial roughs:


I couldn't decide on one font to base my letters on, so I chose two, using both as a guide, you can see in my sketches which letters I took inspiration from, some I wanted to be more pointed (M, N, V etc) and some I wanted to be based on more of a rounded rectangle (B, O, Q). The fonts I chose were Kelson Sans and Kapak Bold:


I do not recommend hand drawing the letters at all, it was very time consuming. The only reason I did it by hand was because I didn't have a printer handy and I wanted to start right away! 


After the pencil work I used tracing paper and a fine pen to do the linework:


After cleaning everything up in Photoshop I brought the outlines into Illustrator - using the live trace option - to create my vectorized outlines. After organising them into the grid they looked like this:


Next up was separating the inner lines from the forms and giving the letters a solid fill, I followed along with the Icy Cap video for this part. The inner lines by themselves look like their own font, maybe I will use these for something else in the future..? I found them sort of interesting in a minimalist kind of way!


After I had filled the letters and separated the inner lines, I started to play around with colour, eventually deciding on an all pink scheme with white inner lines: 


Now I just needed to add some shading where the folds were as well as some shadows so I brought everything into Photoshop. I used some of the tips in the Vintage Letters video to create the final look:


I'm not sure if it needs some highlights or something to give the letters more impact, or if I should change up the colour scheme... It might be something I come back to in a while with fresh eyes and tweak a little - but if anyone has ideas/feedback/advice - please feel welcome to comment! 

This project was a lot of fun and the videos were packed full of super useful information, I would love to create another alphabet soon using the same techniques - perhaps something a little more experimental and illustrative. 

Great course, thanks Annica! 


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