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Would you like a cup of coffee?

December 17th of 2013 -

  As a truly begginer in the world of design without any early experience I find this project already a challenge. I came up thinking that I was going to simply start drawing and doing a great amount of work but It's better contain myself a little bit. The chosen phrase was "Would you like a cup of coffee?" because I wanted something simple and understandable for everyone. So let's start!

  • Brainstorming:

  It's a shitty photo with a shitty handwriting.


  • Research:

  After several research in Pinterest I hope it's enough reference for a beginning student. (To be uptated)

December 18th of 2013 - 

  After a little bit of procrastination, I have done a few doodling of what can become the final work. I started with the preposition 'of' and the indefinite article 'a', believing that they are the easier due to the fact they are the smallest words. Then I had the enthusiasm of keep going and copied some accesories like dividers. I truly hope to do that more quickly although I want it to be as perfect as possible.

  •   Rough sketches:

December 19th of 2013 -

More procrastination, however I finally have a skeleton of what can become my project.

  As the word "Coffee" is the most important, I wanted to put it in the spotlight. I'm not sure if the typography is the best but I am not really disapointed. To sum up I just have to rearrange the words so they can fit perfectly centered in the paper.


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