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Worst, Best, Hairy Chest

First is the worst.
Second is the best.
Third is the one with the hairy chest.

Ranking is hard.
Top ten restaurants in NYC. Top ten albums of the year. Top ten worst Katy Perry hairstyles. Sure, these kinds of lists abound online. But what about you? What about your lists? And your friends' lists? Have you ever tried coming up with a top ten list? Do you have time to do the extensive research? Of course not.

What if we changed that number? From a daunting three? Three! Three is a magic number, after all:

Now let's get hairy.
Inspired by the above playground taunt, let's do better than just top three. Top 3 doesn't tell me what to avoid. It doesn't tell me what's quirky. How about ranking your worst, best, and one oddball option, the hairy chest (something offbeat, bizarre)? Here's an example:

Worst - Gigli
Best - Godfather
Hairy Chest - Dumb and Dumber

I'll keep this site very simple at first. For now, it'll just be searching and posting. Future iterations will get more advanced as necessary.


Here are some screenshots of the finished project:


Here is a link to the final project on Heroku (w/ custom domain):

Here is my github link:


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