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"Worse things happen at sea ...

New update: May 8 2014

I haven't been able to really work on this project in the past months, I was too busy with work. But I wanted to show you all that I am still rolling even if the rolling goes slow!

I started sketching the part of the page lay-out that I am definite about... 

What you see here is the first word form my sentence: 'Worse'. Hopefully I can show you the finished sketch soon!


First Sketches:

I've finally produced enough sketches for a proper update... progress is slow but fun. I've noticed that I'm not always consistent with the angle of my letters. Also, I finally have an idea of what the final drawin should look like and I am not so sure that I will use any of the styles I've been practising! :)

The third sketch I didn't flesh out at all. I have been erasing so much that it destroyed the paper (which is of the worst quality to begin with)...


I'll probably update more pictures soon, together with the scribbles I've been able to produce so far!!

I love these octopuses and will probably try to incorporate a drawing based on this illustration in the final composition. The colorscheme also really is what I'm looking for.

I selected this poster (above) not for its lettering but for the way the page has been constructed. I really like the layout.

I was thinking to do something with borders (below, and the one below that)... Perhaps with sea-related illustrations in the curls, and waves instead of flowers?

Just a ship, to get an idea :)


... Keep dreaming of better days", is an English idiom turned into a hilarious song by the Toy Dolls, a punk band from the 80s. The song never fails to make me laugh so I thought it'd be a great sentence to use for my project. The 'keep dreaming' -part makes it hand-letter-worthy and I intend to hang the finished project somewhere in my house to remind me that it is better to be happy than to sulk over any misfortunes.

My drawing skills are mostly self-taught... I decided to study philosophy instead of going to art school (unfortunately in retrospect) and now I'm trying to 'make up' for that by learning what I can, next to my timeconsuming job. I am looking forward to all of your comments and I hope I'll enjoy this course so much that I'll continue to work on lettering projects after this one. What else is left to say? oh yeah, I am Dutch so English is not my first language,

Secondly, the octopus picture that describes my project is not mine, but made by Briony Morrow-Cribbs

and, last but not least, I am still in the inspiration-phase. Though I've started trying out some sketches already.

Updates will follow!



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