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Christa L.

Hand Lettering



Worse than failure is never trying

I started this piece with the goal of hanging it in my workspace. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so sometimes if I don't think I'll naturally excel at a task, I don't even attempt it. Well, obviously that's not a viable way to design on a daily basis! This phrase will hopefully give me a kick in the pants when I need one. :)

I began by drawing some very loose thumbnail sketches to determine my layout. Next I created more detailed sketches, playing with the letterforms until I was pleased with how it looked. Now after scanning the outlined pencil sketch, I'm inking the outlines and deciding on coloring and style. I'll scan once again after it's finished.

First Sketch


Thanks for the feedback! I decided to revise the sketch by making it tighter, eliminating the ornaments, and by changing the wording so it sounds less awkward. 

Then I scanned this baby into Photoshop for coloring. Here's the final product:

I'd appreciate any other feedback! Thanks guys! :)


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