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Worn Age

Hello everyone!

First of all I would like to introduce myself in order to have a little bit of information about me and make a closer relationship with the other "classmates" and Alex.

I'm a design student in Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona) and eventhough the degree I'm studying is based in a general view of design (making industrial, graphic and other projects) I discovered a powerful discipline inside graphic design: typography in general, and letters in particular. I think these symbols are one of the most important weapon of a graphic designer.

In this way, I'm trying to understand and study all kind of letters, their history, meanings, derivations and techniques, and one of the most interesting techniques I think is lettering, because it makes more powerful and intense the work of letters.

In fact I'm just a student with a lot of curiosity in this field of typography and letters trying to mix it with other branches of desing. I don't have a lot of experience in the field of graphic design and lettering, but I got into this class in order to improve myself and make an interesting projects with letters from this course.


About the project, I've been investigating on interenet a lot these weeks, trying to find out something that I like and make a connection with letters and I found in my laptop a few photographs I made two years ago, in which appear few places around my city which are ruined. I was trying to make a photo project in which it would be capturated the essence of the "golden age" of the ruined places. It makes a extraordinary feeling taking photos right there so I think that make a connection between this places, remembering their "golden ages", and letters would be very interesting, specially for the textures of the walls, the interconnection with nature,…

I chose the expression "Worn Age" for the headline, because I think it's the mos immediately connection between the words and the photographs. Eventhough I'm open to your recommendations if you think there's a better way to put in down in words.

Images from the moodboard (lettering projects that I like):

I like letterings that in a certain way want to be realistic, but it don't so I like those letterings that have a really hard work behind of illustration, not very flourished but taking care of every detail of it and being the most powerful it can.

Photographs choosen for the project: 

One of the most interesting things I think there would be in this project is the connection of the structure of the letters by themselves like the old building (with its textures), and the plants that grow around it.

All three images are taken in the Escolapis d'Alella, Alella, Barcelona.


I found some worn walls textures: some broken concretes, old paintings in walls and plants to be inspired in and apply them into the letters.

I'm just starting the project so I posted this also in order to get some feedback if someone want to give it! Feel free to ask whatever you think! I will try to answer or aks some questions as much as my english allows me.


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