Worming Up

Worming Up - student project

I was very amazed and thrilled with this project ... At first i wasn't sure where i was heading i had couple of sketches with just swirling lines and literally doodling . and then it hit me with an idea of what I would draw that would look coherent to my style of drawing and themes I usually draw.

and so this is a very rough sketch for my idea . I was experimenting with line weights .. I kinda like the black sketchy feel to it.  Worming Up - image 1 - student projectSo I posted it in november on my instagram page and the weather was just getting cold , and so the idea of warming up but with worms so its a bit of word play ..

and this is the final result of the illustration which was done on Illustrator. and so you notice i used shades that kinda remind you of autumn ...Worming Up - image 2 - student projectHope you like it!

Would love to hear your thoughts !


Talar Tokajian
Artist & Interior Designer