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World's Largest CD Release Party

Unfortunately, I have no say in the name of the show, nor much time to do the poster (6 days!) The poster is for an upcoming show in La Crosse, Wisconsin, that features local rock and metal bands. I was asked by a friend in one of the bands to put together a poster, and given pretty free reign over the concept and look.

I did some initial brainstorming and concept sketches, ending up with 9 ideas: Tiny Monster World, The Unusual Suspects, Charon on the Mississippi, Riverworm, Ominous Lacrosse, Bad Midwes Girl, Tin Woodsman, The Forest King, and The World (Tarot). With the help of my husband, also an artist, I narrowed it down to 5. I researched style and content reference images to a Pinterest board and did more refined sketches for each of the semi-finalists. I'll have images up of the sketches shortly.

1. Tin Woodsman

2. Charon on the Mississippi

3. Riverworm

4. The Forest King

5. Ominous Lacrosse


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