Worldbuilding: Bringing Life and Realism to Your Novel

Worldbuilding: Bringing Life and Realism to Your Novel - student project

This class will walk you through the steps of world building, from creating civilizations to culture to characters.  This class will present the important questions you will need to consider when outlining a new world, as well as demonstrate the possibilities to use the world to your advantage in telling your story.  Each lesson will focus on a different category of world building.

1.  Before you get started

This category will introduce you to the basic things you will need to figure out about your story and characters before you can start world building.

2.  Environment

The environment that a society is set up in contributes a lot to the culture, religion, history, and way of life.  

3.  Technology/Magic

The tools your characters have access to will significantly impact your plot, and they can very easily become sources of plot holes and inconsistencies if they're not well thought out.

4.  Society

Culture, traditions, beliefs, and prejudices can be the best way to add realism, complexity, and subplots to your world if done well.

5.  Government

This can be a great source of conflict in a story, but even if it doesn't cause conflict, you'll need to now the basics of how your world is run.

6.  Implementation

The way you implement the information you've created about your world can either make or break your story for the reader.  Here are some dos and don'ts on how to share your world with readers effectively.