Kevin Miklasz

Director of Digital Curriculum



World of Physics

A draft of the pitch can be found here:

1. Define the problem your venture is solving and what differentiates your company.
Also identified at end of slide deck: We are making a compelling educational game series targeted at middle school physics (with later expansion to high school and other subjects). Few educational games effectively reach this age group (the 2012 iLearn Report notes a deficiency of educational apps for this group), and even fewer focus on science.

We use hands-on, experiential learning to teach middle school students about college level physics. Our experience as innovator educators gives us a fresh perspective and differentiates us from the game designers or more traditional educators that are trying to invade this space.

2. Articulate what motivates you to devote the next X years of your life to this company and problem.

I believe games will revolutionize the educational system. I want to start the revolution that reshapes our classrooms.

3. Identify your competitors - both startups and big companies that might move in to your space.

Also identified at the end of slide deck: education is a big space with room for many products. With the recent emphasis on customized learning, the trend is to provide multiple ways to learn the same topic, giving students options. A unique and effective solution like ours will never go out of fashion, but will be a prized addition to education aggregator sites.

4. Do your homework on investors and determine your short list of firms you'll pitch to, Why them?
Imagine K12
Institute of Play: Glasslab
...working on finding others

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