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World of Fantasy and Magic

Heyo! I'm Sabrina but my online handle is Yuki. I create characters a lot but this is a whole other ball game for me. I've never really started making a character through a silohuette; I actually start with the face because it's the first thing that comes to me. So this was an adventure!! 

My theme is fantasy and magic, I'm hoping I did this right! The arrows between two characters means it is the same concept/character. Personally I like 3,4 and 5 myself. 

________________________________________________________ Oct. 10, 2013-----------------------

Okay so I ended up choosing 3 of them !! Two of them were the most liked and then one that stood out to me personally. 

Then I set about refining them into actual characters, which was definitely a challenge. A lot changed on the last two. 

More to come! 

------------ February 5, 2015 ----------------- 

I didn't realized I never finished this, a year and a half almost! I decided to restart this and see it through to the end. Hopefully I can get some critiques before I get to the refining process!  I didn't want to delete my previous work because I would like to see if there was any progress at all. 

Silohuettes were still hard for me, I'm not used to using this process when I should be using it more often. For this round I decided to get more specific with the characters. I wanted a serious mage with a sort of arrogant knight. It's my favorite character combo!  Let me know what you think of these. Cheers!


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