World of Animals!

World of Animals! - student project

This is my first zine!  I'm really excited about this, and I'm sure I'm going to get hooked and make a bunch more after this class.  When I watched the latest video, I really wanted to make the no staple zine, but I think I'll save that for another time.  I also ordered "Whatcha mean what's a zine" and it just came in today; I've been looking through it, and so far I really enjoy it!  It makes me more excited than I already was... :)



At first I was going to do a zine that just had random pages of stuff I like (to draw, or like in general).  But I felt like pages may not work well together, and I wanted something to be more harmonious.  So I've decided to work with animals!  

I love to watch shows about animals, when I research about animals (for drawings) I tend to get very imersed and read more and more, going from one animal to another.  And because of that I have a lot of random facts about some really cool (and sometimes unknown!) animals.  And I want to share that knowledge with people!  And that is what this zine will be about.  It'll have pages of animals, with random facts about them around the drawings.


What I'd like to do:

Half Size zine 5 pages (back and front, including cover and back) so at least 18 animals (maybe more if I do more than one on some pages!) I'd like to have my information on it (I really would like to use this to get my name out there) I'd like 20 to 50 copies (if I order online I'll be doing 50, there's a site that'll do 50 copies of 5 b&w pages back and front for 20$ then shipping) I want to staple the zine together

I would like to have it printed out somewhere (I don't have a printer that works).  I tried talking to someone at Kinkos, but they weren't of too much help (said that if I do it myself at the copy machine it'll be 10cents a side!! ridiculous! I was asking for them to do it, and I know places lower the price the more copies you want).  

I would like to get it done before I fly out later this month, so that way I can pass out around at airports, but if I don't, I'll pass out on the flight back I think.  I think that may be a great way to get it passed out to people all over the country/world.


AND! I was also wondering if anyone else in this class would like to do a trade maybe!  I think it would be a lot of fun!  We could send a copy of our zine to each other, in the mail if we do physical (which I will be doing).  And I think I'll have a digital copy since I will probably touch up and layout on computer, and I'll upload that to my site for people to download if they want to.


Here's a sketch of a Nautilus, though I would like to add more angles I think for the zine itself, but we will see!  I really like this guy, and there's a lot I would like to share about them!

World of Animals! - image 1 - student project