World around Us

ReflectionStrollConversationCity walkAnother ChoicePerpetuityArt WorkTimeMorningOn a busy streetSense of directionStorm is comingDay after storm

PromenadeOn a promenadeMotionMorning runExpectCalmnessSunny day Great company	ThinkerBridgeExplorerhttp://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a629/AnnaPxx/Mother%20Nature%20is%20Unpredictable/Phila/IMG_0227.jpgTranquilityRidePerspectiveWork dayDelightNature’s “ Pisa Tower”   Unusual morning routine   Three Warriors on the wayHere Sandy for sure exceeded a speed limit   Life will slowly move to normal

Sandy’s winds had stretched around.  Hurricane changed lives, altered views, challenged human well- being.


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