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World Rebels™

World Rebels - Rebellious Lifestyle Brand which promotes a righteous way of living through the means of streetwear, art, and relationships. It is a brand which seeks to reach, influence, and impact individuals into a New State of Mind. A State of mind in which one Never conforms, challenges all things, Stay true to ones self, and take the path less traveled in life. 

Founded: 2012 | Founder: Ronnie Free. 22 years old. | Style: Clean, Simple, Bold & Rebellious

World Rebels began last march of 2012. The idea of creating an edgy, yet positive and rebellious streetwear brand came to me around July of 2011, and from then on I began working the ideas and concepts of what would be the foundation of the brand. 

Brand Icons and Logo: 


What does it mean?

The mysterious yet simple World Rebels Character or main marque is an Ape, with no eyes - and an "X" in place of the mouth. Although many may see this as a "see no evil, speak no evil" type of marque, it has nothing to do with that concept. Simple put it just represents a Rebel who walks by faith and not sight. The X means to rebel, or "to go against". Why did I put it as the mouth? Honestly, no particular reason. 

The World Rebels text logo is simple at this point. Later I hope to come up with a custom font look. 

The third icon is the "New State of Mind" icon. The World Rebels Flag within the silhouette of a brain. 

Brand Slogans & Phrases


Mocks // 



Tees - $24-$28

Hoodies - $48-$52

Hats - $32

Bracelets - $25

Over Range: $5-$52





I design, Screen Print, and manage every aspect of World Rebels from start to finish as I can while still paying and going through College. At this moment I'm taking things slow but hope to soon be able to focus more time and direct my attention to the brand in order to see it grow and expand. 


So far I've kept things simple and clean and sticking to the main icons and logos as far as printing goes. I plan on keeping the design asthetics of the brand, bold and simple. Really just playing off of the ideas and lifestyle rather than fine artistically inclined art and graphic tees. 


Instagram: @WorldRebels

Twitter: @WorldRebels

Im still growing and working on things but so far, im liking the direction of where everything is going. I haven't been able to really sit down and put this project together but I would still like to hear input and feedback. 


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