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World Peace

World peace might sound like a big goal, but in truth it is perfectly achievable.

My business is built on showing individuals how to find peace through mindfulness practice, and when this peace reaches a critical mass of people, the human world will change forever.

The Platform (so far):

In 2009 I wrote this book: and self-published it. Today it is a top ten seller in its categories on Amazon UK. Due to some good luck that led to a good ranking, it sells about 600 copies per month.

To expand on the usefulness of the book, I created a new service last year called "A Little Peace and Quiet" in response to the most common problem my readers tell me about: finding time to practice. From I send subscribers a link to a new mindfulness class, a 5-8 minute podcast, every weekday.

As a result, I have now recorded over 200 classes. These classes are being transcribed and edited into books, and today as I type I have 55 subscribers who want my email every weekday. The funny thing is, up until yesterday, I was trying to charge for this service. Also, up until yesterday, I had only 13 subscribers.

Seth inspired me to change my mindset, from seeking a steady income to giving gifts and leading a tribe. So now my goal - find 1000 true fans.

But here's the twist: When I wrote my first book, all I thought about was the traditional publishing model - you put the book on sale, make some noise and hope it sells!

But as I have moved from being a lucky author to a hacking marketer, I realised that the hard part is building a list. The hard part is building a relationship with readers so, as Seth says in lesson 2, you have permission to let them know about your next book, about your next workshop. So my next book, tentatively titled 6 Weeks of Peace will be a little different. It is designed as a mindfulness course, with a set of 36 free classes available on my site. Book buyers can also sign up for my daily email, and so the tribe grows.

With my last book I know I have thousands of readers every year, and maybe 10 or 20 contact me. What I want to do this time is to invite those wonderful people into my community, so that, if they like it, we can be on the journey together.

What Changed?

When I started it was about how many eyeballs, or book sales, or workshop participants, but from today (after listening to Linchpins, Tribes and taking Seth's last Skill Share course), it's about connecting the tribe, building better levers and connecting with true fans.

So my goal here is to build a marketing project that increases engagement, helps people find out if it's for them and provides a platform for sideways communication and recruiting for my tribe. Simple!

Lesson 1:

  • What is Marketing for?

To connect with true fans, turn casual fans into true ones and to provide opportunities for the tribe to share their passion with each other and the world.

  • What are we allowed to touch?


  • What can we as marketers measure?

How many true fans do we have?

How many subscribers?

How many listeners tune into the classes?

  • What can we change?

Anything we need to.

  • What promise are we going to make?

I promise I will send you a class every day.

I promise I will be the plain speaking mindfulness teacher.

I promise to care about what happens to you.

  • What’s the hard part?

Building the lever - getting the podcast subscribers and moving them from casual to true fans.

  • Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

We are in a fairly established area, but our approach is radical. Within the area, we are making trends.

  • Where is the risk?

The risk is that we stop caring about the individuals, that we become numbers focussed, or that the community gets too big to be meaningful.

  • Who is in charge?

I am. 100%

  • Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

The money is spent on maintaining the platform. Facebook ads are used to attract more subscribers. 

I spend money to quickly write and publish more books - which in turn can attract more fans.

  • How should we be spending our time?

1) Interacting with current fans

2) Writing books

3) Attracting new fans


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