Workshop up to Pt 2

Updated as of Pt 2 of the workshop:


This is something I've never tried before, but I've really enjoyed learning about the process and using Photoshop for this type of project! I'm open to feedback on my drawings, as I am not an illustrator and would love to improve!

Theme: Baseball

Experience: On the field

List of nouns

  • Baseball
  • Diamond
  • Bat
  • Cleat/Socks/stirrups
  • Glove
  • Jersey
  • Trophy
  • Hot dog
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Scoreboard

List of abstracts

  • Take me out to the ballgame
  • Stealing a base
  • Play at the plate
  • Rallying
  • Catching/hitting/throwing a ball
  • Practice
  • Umpiring

Here are some of my concept sketches:

Workshop up to Pt 2 - image 1 - student projectWorkshop up to Pt 2 - image 2 - student project


And here is what I ended up with for my first set of spots:

Workshop up to Pt 2 - image 3 - student project