Workshop project - floral

The sun came out, so I thought, let's do swim suits! I just started with the colours i had lying around, but now i regret not picking a colour palette, because i don't really like the page as a whole. I do like some parts of it though, for example the blue ones in the corners and the orange one on the left. I learned that i really like adding lines to the coloured shapes, instead of the other way around. I usually draw first and then fill it in with paint, but the other way around makes it more loose and fun. And if a painted shape doesn't turn out as intended, the pen line can easily fix it.


Some doodling along with Peggy, which surprised me here and there. Nice ideas, thank you!


Really liked this more realistic one: 


This one is my favourite: just adding some splashes of colour to some doodles to keep it loose, rather then filling them in along the lines... I started drawing with 0.5 on the right (i'm left handed), but that was too much, so i switched to 0.2 for the others.


Here's the peony with some colour. Although i really like it, it doesn't feel so original..so maybe I'll stick with the one above. 


Thanks Peggy for all the playful inspiration!



I gave this peony some company, and beautified the cover of my sketchbook: 



Here's my exploration of the prompt 'a bold bouquet'. I made some pen lines before the watercolour, and some after. I like how this one turned out, and think i should head over to the flower shop later today to buy some real ones :) And paint them. 


I also did some more swimsuits, just for the fun of it, and I want to use the colour palette that came out of it for my next prompt of choice, 'dance of textures'; hopefully to be uploaded here this weekend. I just find it so hard to get these exact colours back. I always have this problem. Whenever i am mixing paints and colours, some beautiful ones come up, but i never exactly know (or remember) how they got there. Any tips on that? To get more control, instead of lucky? Although those lucky moments are of course what makes watercolour so much fun, I'd like to be able to make something as intended. 



To be continued....



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