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Workshop Projects


This was a great class!  I was totally uncomfortable with the line sections - which really made me stretch my thinking and creativity.  I did pages and pages of line drawing over the color, just because I felt like I wasn't stretching myself quiet as much as I should... but it was SOO fun! I realized I do like a little messier outline with ink, but an outline none-the-less.  I also love the vibrant colors contrasting the black ink.  It was really fun to experiment with the white Uni-Ball pen and really see a different dimension all together.  I definitely struggle with abstract looks - I really prefer more realistic looking representations.  I really enjoyed drawing flowers and I think I may just take myself on a day date to the local botanical gardens to sketch even more!  Thank you for a great class Peggy!cfad56494dbc5ec0195e26cf31ff570d50b378c96f10d367220d97a5

I also wanted to experiment a little with animals and seeing how lines can change the was an animal is seen or interpreted - and who and I kidding... I love cats.  I also love lipstick, although I don't wear lipstick, I'm definitely more of a lipgloss kinda gal - so here is some more experimentation with lines and shapes... and COLOR :)


With these iipsticks - I found it hard to get the right color with my watercolor palette - but I did love experimenting with shape a little - My intent was to explore line work and I really liked the red lipsitck on the top line that seems shifted from its outline - this was super fun to play around with -


Using the prompt - Find colors that pop - I tried just painting colors I love and experimenting a little bit with shades - I LOVED the aqua and teal colors and really loved the corals and oranges - I may have even loved them more than the reds and pinks! I know - I'm as shocked as you are right now!



I had to put away the watercolors and when I got the chance to come back to the workshop I pulled out my markers and played with some color arrangements - These were the ones I really loved - 


Texture Dance was another prompt on the workshop - This was a lot of line work and thinking!  I thought about what soft would look like, what scratchy would look like and then thought about some of my favorite textures to look at like - lizard skin (weird I know, but chamelons are pretty cool-looking), lace, and sand.



Stretch and Squash was another prompt - I LOVED thinking about this one - I sketched a lot but ultimately thought my first few attempts were the best - This helped me think about proportion and how each part would relate to the other parts - 


Familiar Object deconstruction was another prompt - I look at my pencil all day and my blow dryer every other day or so... I don't know why I thought this one was so hard - but I had a hard time coming up with things that I thought weren't overly complex or that weren't overly simple - 




Overall, I feel like I've found my style to be brightly colored with sketchy outlines and defined shapes - and something more of a realistic interpretation rather than more conceptual.  This workshop was absolutely wonderful and I do feel like I have a better grasp on what my style is and the direction I want to take it.  I also feel like this workshop has given me the motivation to "sketch outside the box" and always stretch my aesthetic and to keep exploring!!  Thank you Dylan and Peggy!!!!



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