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Workshop Projects: Exploration


Building on mood board knowledge gained from Dylan's class...I began by visiting my Pinterest Beautiful Doors pinboard for inspiration. Decided to use super vibrant colors and add floral accents/texture using Copic opaque white. Added some inked lines and quick outlines. I enjoyed adding the white accents. Felt completely out of my element with the loose outlining part of the exercise. Liked how some of the doors came out...others not so much. The outer quick outlining was totally new. in hindsight, a thicker marker would have created more contrast and interesting linework.

 Super fun project to get the creative ball rolling!!  I've never done an exercise quite like this one. It really loosens you up and takes pressure off. I can see myself repeating it with other shapes as a way to warm up to brainstorm for a finished piece. Enyed it and the "theme" music too. Thanks, Peggy :)

On to doodles and flowers...Yay!!!



Since I don't sketch or doodle much, I was surprised how easy it was to slip into doodle mode. Don't think too much about it. Just let it be.


For a more "realistic" flower,...After a rough pencil sketch, I grabbed my Zebra marker. At first, I felt the lines were too thick. On reflection, I like the energy from outlining a piece quickly.

Note to self, purchase some colored pencils and see where the sketch goes.


floral doodles (scraps of paper at the top) were done at work on a break. So nice to rest the eyes and doodle a bit. I noticed my rose buds keep turning into little wierd animals. lol 


 Prompt 1 - combine something soft with something hard:

• the softness of hand painted watercolor combined with the hardness of the metallic blue texture applied to the feather edge.

•the hardness of sketched book lines vs softness of the watercolor background. 

I think the book is more interesting to look at because of the stronger contrast between line work and background. I tried to be loose and quick with the line work and not fuss with it too much.




Prompt 2 - create a subtle bouquet...ok it's my take on a more subtle floral as weird as it is! An oops on the top flower bud. I was right on the edge and ran out of paper. 

Prompt 3 - create a bold bouquet

I decided to go digital - scanned and extracted watercolor florals from their backgrounds. Using Photoshop, added gold metallic touches to create a bold bouquet! The purple flower color is really jarring compared to rest of the palette. Now it's bugging me! So take 2 on Bold Floral - switching out the odd colored flower and adding a bit more texture to the background for the outcome below. 


Below are the watercolor flowers before scanning (used for prompts 2 and 3) - the "subtle" floral was painted on Arches cold press paper and bold on Canson. You can tell I was being frugal with the pricier paper. A reminder not to be too precious about your art supplies....even your doodles CAN turn into something fun and interesting! 



Prompt 4 Squish and stretch 

Doodles are fun to squish and stretch. You get some interesting results! Discovered it gives a quirky charm to them especially the squished ones.


Prompt 5 - create 25 different lines

I decided to break out the watercolors and try out some new brushes. 



I liked the flat wash brush for making interesting shapes. Of course, I didn't stick totally to making different lines. I couldn't resist playing and experimenting a bit more too.



Prompt 6 - favorite fruit 12 different ways.

Couldn't resist...the paint and markers were out and calling me. Plus, the cantaloupe needed to be cut up anyway! You can see I'm feeling more free with sketching and markers now .:)







Overall, I see my style leans toward bright colors and energetic linework :)  I also enjoy combining watercolor and digital textures. I am just beginning my exploration using sketches and inked linework.

When I'm staring at a blank page and stuck; Dylan's lessons about mood boards and using Pinterest in a respectful way will be invaluable. I'll continue to study the language of design and best ways to critique in a helpful manner. 

Peggy's "vase"  and doodle exercises are amazing warm-ups to get the creative flow going. Now if I can only get the video music out of my head! Lol  Fortunately for me; I like it!! I'm so glad I took this workshop. I learned so much. Thank you to Dylan and Peggy for teaming up. It's been a fun journey with more to come whenever I revisit the lessons again.


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