Workshop Project: Exploring with Florals etc

Whaattt???! Experiment with shapes she says, create patterns with no plan she says, doodle and create imperfect work with wild abandon she says .... man, that's crazy talk lady!!! Don't you know there are folks like me out there paralyzed by indecision and so terrified of making bad art it is safer to make none at all?! .... oh, that was your point .... I see.

Well, it worked Peggy - had so much fun with the first exercise I did it three times over. Too comfy on the couch last night to get the watercolours out so I had a go at your vases exercise on the ipad. What fun it was - so freeing to doodle and experiment without care for the outcome as per your brief, even ended up quite fond of a couple of them!


Continued to explore with some butterfly type shapes, not sure many of them could actually fly should they be real but that's not the point of art right? 



Finally, thought I would have a go trying some slightly more saturated colours - not very confident in the colour picking department.




Thank you Peggy, great exercise for learning to experiment and loosen up a little. Stuck to the same pen and paint theme on this occasion but will definitely use this method to branch out into other materials and experiment in the future. 


Have already undertaken a lot of ink flower doodling lately so for the next part I decided to mess about with a previous pencil sketch | already had in my sketchbook:




Took it into the iPad and started to explore different brush textures. Had based them all off the first black brush pen image so the thicker outline features in many of them which I would probably like to get away from (am learning that is something I unintenionally include a lot and it is possibly the reason I dislike pieces when I am finished with them) ... but I do quite like the black and white, blue and grey overlapping outlines and the last one with a colour fill. It's a start regards getting better at experimenting.




Off the back of this I tried again to consider what styles appeal to me. Have produced this little bouquet as another attempt at creating something in a style I like but specifically took care with the line thinknesses I choose:



Happier with the colours this time and definitely prefer the thinner lines so this is definitely better than my last attempt at this ... hey, maybe I am learning something after all ;-)


Any observations or advice appreciated as always x


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