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Sylvester Finch

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Workshop: New Year New Skills

Location- New York, NY

To fully grasp the life and blood of New York City there are a few locations I will like to capture.

-Time Sqaure 42nd Street

Time Square is a huge stop for locals and tourist alike. It is also one the locations the people from all over the world watch the world celebrates the New Year. As a New Yorker it is a must location I have to shoot. I believe I could capture wide range of colors at this location.


If you truly lived/stayed in New York you know our subway system. Enough said. I would love the show the grit and grime that makes our NYC subway.

-Empire State Building

You can not come to New York and not see the Empire State Building. Its always a wonder in what pattern it shall be lit at night. As such I will be aiming to capture beauty of the hieghts and lights of the bulding. I plan to show just how beautiful of a subject this bulding can be.


Here are my top 5 picks:











Here are my edited versions

1. My focus for this picture of course was the central building with 2016 located on top of it. This is in fact where the ball "drops" to ring in the new year. I tried to revive the sky and even show where the sun was coming from. seeing as there is a lot going on in the photo, I also increased the reds and yellows on the picture to drive the focus point to the city.


2. This picture has to be my favoirte of the five. For this one there wasn't to much I wanted to change. Seeing the at subway signal was closest to me I wanted to make sure I served it justiced by making it stand out more. I was also able to get more detain on the leaves of tress in the background. Seeing as NYC is also known as the concrete jungle I love the fact you can see some of buildings in the background. This picture was taken around Bryant Park on 42nd Street.


3. This one was a bit tough as it had so much color. However that is also what made it beautiful to me. For starters I wanted to take away some of the attention to the bright yellow cabs and instead focus on the subway sign. To that end I made my reds and blus a bit stronger than the other colors while making my yellows, oranges, and some purples a bit darker. I love the greens in the photo and how you are able to see some of the various logos around 34th street.


4. The goal for this picture was mainly to lighten it up. Seen it was taken at night thee was a lot of shadows. I actually like that the Empire State Building was one solid color as well. Also love that I was able to catch the Irish Pub in the photo next to the United States Flag.


5. This is a shot of the United Nations in NYC. I was going to crop out the building on the side but thought it added nice persepctive. To catch this shot I had to get low and point up from the gate you see in the foreground. After lighting this picture up I love the fact you are able to see buildings reflected in the United Nations Building.


I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my home town of New York City.


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