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Workshop Day 21 - Cherished Dreams & Thank You



 I wish to Thank You Elisa, for all you have done and continue to do to inspire others.  I joined this workshop to help me learn watercolour painting so that I could add it to my art mediums. Through  the workshop and play times, I learned much more than just watercolour. I have learned more about my art style, what I like, why I like it, and other artist's work I enjoy. And most of all I learned not to say to myself, oh I have to paint today. Instead to say, Oh I get to play today! To see it as fun time, not a chore. Before the last 2 years, I was away from doing art since high school, which was many many years ago. Now that I found it again, I want to inspire others to find art again or try it for the first time. 

I would Also like to Thank all of the other artists in the workshop, for creating beautiful pieces of work in your own style, inspiring me to find mine. Also Thank you for all of your wonderful comments, it has been very interesting seeing the lives of people from all around the world in your sketches and stories.


Workshop Day 21 - Cherished Dreams


My isn't necessarily to be put in a show, but mostly that I can learn more, grow more as an artist and to inspire others to take an art adventure. I have started helping my granddaughters and mother to take up watercolour, and I hope to inspire others as well. My dream would be to help handicapped and abused children, or even adults to heal through art.


Workshop Day 20 - Abstract

Another day to play, so fun!  I dedicated this painting to my Husband. Every November he grows a mustache for the Movember Charity for men's health. He joined the charity 5 years ago, when his father became ill with cancer.  His father has overcome this cancer twice, and is still fighting every day. So my husband helps to raise funds and awareness of men's health issues. 

So I painted a man in abstract, using salt and zentangle patterns, drips, ink and gel pens. I also like using masking fluid. I used a dotting tool to make dents in the patterns, but they didn't show up so well. The face looks like a potato to me, I guess I used too much sea salt, but it was so fun! Thanks Danielle for this theme, in fact both of your themes were very fun and interesting!


Workshop Day 19 - Themes

I decided I would try to paint a scene that encompasses all 3 themes, Impressionist, Birth, and Vehicle. I painted my Niece with her newborn baby, beside an old fashioned pram, in the impressionist style. I am beginning to see that my personal style is somewhere between realist and impressionist.  For some reason I feel the need to paint the people faceless. I hope it doesn't make the paintings too plain. I am not daunted to paint the faces, it just feels right to leave them blank. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.



 Workshop Day 18 - Inspired by Artist's Style

I don't really have a favorite artist. So I did a search and found some beautiful paintings by a famous painter named Leonid Afremov. He paints in oil on canvas, and he uses bright colours. He usually paints night scenes with wet street reflections but he also paints other subjects. His paintings are bright and joyful and full of movement, and give me a warm snuggly feeling. I hope I did his style justice.


Workshop Day 17 - Scene from Film/Video

Every evening my husband and I watch a Christmas themed movie on the W Network's Biggest Gift Ever. On Sunday night we watched one called "Miss Christmas".  Nicknamed “Miss Christmas,” the official tree finder for Chicago’s renowned Radcliffe Tree lighting is left desperate to find the perfect tree. A letter from a young boy promising his tree is perfect sends her to a small town where she learns the young boy’s dad isn’t willing to part with his tree. While sparks fly, she’ll be forced to confront what she’s really been missing for Christmas (Love). She also learns that the reason the dad doesn't want to donate the tree was because it was his mother's tree who has passed away. His mother and father carved their initials in the tree when they first got together. In the end Miss Christmas decides to respect his wishes and brings the tree lighting ceremony to the tree, instead of taking the tree. What inspires me most about the movie is that in the end, Christmas or any Holiday for that matter just boils down to love. 


Workshop Day 16 - Least favorite thing

I really had to rack my brain for something to paint for least favorite thing.  In my spiritual life, I always look for the good in everything. I finally settled for intolerance, because I could not find a bright side to it.  Intolerance of others really bothers me. Why can't people see everyone as equals. You are not better than me, And I am not better than you. We are all different like snowflakes, but we are all beautiful in our own way. So I painted it in dark colours, because that is how it makes me feel.


Workshop Day 15 - Make art like a child

I really enjoyed this prompt. My inner child loves playing with watercolour and especially water and ink. I am drawn to the way it spreads out in the water like little bursts of lightning on the page. I drew a simple butterfly, and watched the ink and watercolour mix and swirl. When dry, I got out my jellyroll pens and embellished it. I now know that after this workshop ends, I want to explore more painting with ink. This was fun!


Day 14 - Passage of Time

I see the passage of time every time I look in the mirror. But I feel the passage of time most every time my children or grandchildren go through a life event. I painted my twin granddaughters and myself. They have now grown taller than me. They are also now in high school. These are the things that make me feel time passing the most.

 Day 13 - Sounds

The sound I picked is not exactly music to the ears, but it was a little more exciting than the washer or dryer. I was upstairs painting today, and I was drawn to the sound outside. the neighbor across the street was lawn mowing his grass, probably the last time until spring. We did already have snow but the ground was not cold enough for it to stay yet. But you never know when it will come and stay. So I sketched him from the window. 




Day 12 - Patterns

Today I just felt like playing and exploring, so my pattern is an abstract pattern. I like the way ink reacts to water and decided to use my red, black and blue calligraphy inks for my pattern. I usually gravitate toward strong patterns like plaid, hounds tooth, or floral patterns.


 Day 11 - Favorite piece of clothing

Since my health issues, I have only bought clothing if it passed the touch test for softness.  Tags and rough fabric are not tolerated. So my favorite piece of clothing is my grey hoodie.  It may not look any different than any other hoodie, but it is the softest hoodie I have ever felt. I tend to gravitate mostly between blues and neutral colours. 


 Workshop Day 10 - Pet

This is the 2nd time I painted my dog Maggie, and it was definitely easier to do. Maggie is a Bichon/Poodle mix. Her mother was a miniature Poodle, so she is tinier than normal Bichon's or Poodles.  She is the friendliest dog ever. She loves everybody and gets huffy if she cannot go to them.  She is extremely intelligent and knows many words when you talk to her. She is also very good at body language and also showing her emotions.  When my husband comes home from work, she rushes to him to be picked up. Then she proceeds to tell him about her day in a high pitched sound that kind of sounds like a meow. She can stand on her back legs and hops around like a little ballerina. She can be very stubborn, if we don't take the way she wants to go when walking her. she stops and puts all of her 4 lbs. down like a spoiled child, and won't move. She is 3 years old, and she makes my heart smile.  In my painting, she is standing on the couch letting my son pet her.


Workshop Day 9 - Buildings

I have started taking an interest in the beauty of older day homes and buildings. Their shapes and colours and ornaments are very expressive.  I painted a picture of my brother and his family's house. He lives in a 100 year old house, and to me it is beautiful. 


Day 8 - Emotions

I tried my hand at painting more loose, and in monotone.  I like how easy it was, but it was a little harder for me to let go of the need to show all the details. Oh, yeah this is me. I suffer from a pinched nerve in my back so am 24/7 in pain. Burning pain, I hope I portrayed it.


Workshop Day 7 - Elements of your work day

In February of 2008 I became ill with several different health issues, and I have not been able to work since.  So my work day consists of whatever activity I can do on the couch, since that is where I spend 80% of my time. Some days I can go up to my craft/sewing room and create.  I am not someone who watches tv in the day, so I read books, knit, sew, crochet, draw, paint, doodle, hand letter and other types of artwork. My newest passion is watercolour painting. I am so happy that Skillshare came into my life.  I have taken over 100 classes since September. So here I am in this painting, working on day 7.


Workshop day 6 - Typography

Typography and hand lettering are very interesting to me, and I have been exploring this subject for months now. It is the reason I joined Skillshare in the first place. One of my other interests of the moment are drawing Celtic knots. So I decided to join the two into the day 6 prompt of typography. Here is what I came up with.  As for the quote, "be kind first" is my way of saying "Be the change you want to see in the world".  In today's troubling world kindness would go a long way in changing it. So open doors for others first, give a compliment first, be kind first.



Workshop day 5 - People

I had my youngest grandchild over for the weekend. we had so much fun, going to the movies, walking and playing with my dog.  I couldn't resist painting him today. I am also happy because I was able to paint without pencil or micron first. It is a little harder, but it is also a freeing experience.8d9c5ed4

Workshop Day 4 - Found Object

My found object is the sidewalk in my neighbourhood. I admire it every time I walk my dog. I find it interesting, where the stains of the leaves remain long after the leaves have been raked up. I hope I portrayed it in an interesting way.

Workshop Day 3

Here is what I eat basically every day, bacon and cheese cubes and coffee for breakfast.  I have an egg allergy so I cannot eat egg or anything made with them like pancakes, muffins, etc. I forgot to put in shadows and I am not happy with the napkin, but I am really enjoying the challenges. I stepped up further here by only using my travel pallet and water brushes. So fun!




Day 2 - Interesting plant

I live in Canada and most of the outdoor plants are dead, and today is rainy. So I painted my indoor plant.  There is nothing really unusual about it, but it does creep up walls like a vine.  So I made it into wall art, that made it more interesting. Here is a photo of it. On the bottom of my painting, I enlarged the leaf to show how it looks.

 Day 1 - Self portrait

So here is my attempt at a self portrait.  I am a beginner at watercolour. This is only my 3rd watercolour piece. So I hope to improve with this class.81186efb 


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