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Workshop Challenge

Day 22

As most of you already know, I love drawing fabric! So I wanted to draw the texture of a tassle and string. I think it's really cool because you can highligh it with light and it makes it look edgy but yet soft. It almost looks like a tangle of DNA. I just like weird textures!


Day 21

I doodled this at work because I didn't have my sketchbook on me. I accidently let it at home so I drew all over my friend's bridal shower invitation (the back of it ofcourse) because it had a pretty orange color! I like icecream bars... they make me happy. My favorite is coconut dipped in dark chocolate!


Day 20

I subscripe to Ipsy, it's a makeup subscription that delivers 5 makeup products to your house every month for only ten dollars. In each month you get new goodies in a really cute mini bag. I really love this one because it has a retro pattern on it with large black glasses. I have always liked this kind of illustrated style!


SORRY! I was in Utah and I could not upload anything because the Skillshare App does not allow you to add to any projects :/ So I had to wait to upload them now, but I was drawing through out my trip!

Day 19

I love druzzy jewelry, it is soooo beautiful, here I drew one of my favorite rings that I got for Christmas from my brother!


Day 18

I have this cute little pink bag that has a weird clasp but it looks really cool, I just like the style!


Day 17

I love the look and smell of roses, it makes me soooo happy. Whenever I visit my Grandmother's house in Poland I always offer to take care of her roses.


Day 16

My little Toffee was taking a nap so I decided to draw her. I love my cat!


Day 15

I saw this really pretty girl in Utah while looking around at the stores so I decided to do a quick sketch of her!


Day 14

Copic markers are my go to tools because they are easy to carry around and they blend beautifully! I just adore them!


Day 13

I love my family, here I included my Mom, Dad, brother, dog and cat. I wanted to show an iconic version of my family which was fun because they all wear glasses.


Day 12

I am a serious pen collector, I love pens... some might even call it an addiction. It's one of my favorite things in the world because there are sooo many different variations. I usually like the more artistic ones because they last longer and have better quality ink which I believe is very important for projectss. I do not like it when they bleed. If you have any pen suggestions, pleeeeeaaase tell me! I will be very greatful! 


Day 11

I love tomatoes, I could eat them all the time! My favorite ones are fresh from the garden. I decided to try watercolor on this paper, it actually worked pretty well!


Day 10

I use the electric kettle every morning, I love making earl grey tea with a little bit of honey and lemon. It keeps me very happy through out the day when I am at work. It really is my go to treat!


Day 9

FASHION YES! I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was little. I love drawing fabric and I really like the way it flows. I like to look at magazines and draw from them. Whenever I go to try on the actual clothes they always looks slightly off (maybe because of my body type or the clothes being photoshopped?) Either way I like to draw clothes.


Day 8

I ADORE crazy high heels BUT I just like looking at them, not actually walking in them because it hurts after like 15 minutes. It's really too bad because they are usually super cute but not made out of good quality materials.


Day 7

You know how people call coffee their magic potion? Well tea is my elixir, I love all kinds of tea and whenever I see a tea show I have to stop by and see what kind of tea they offer. I am very sad that Americans do not drink too much tea, I would love to have tea parties on a weekly basis!


Day 6

Hey Old Sport, don't you just love the sad glamour of the Great Gatsby? I adore the 1920's and this book was perfect for me! I feel bad for Daisy and Gatsby because they were so beautiful but Daisy was not strong enough to leave Tom for Jay. I like all the symbols in it and I think it's a great book to read for fun! It's always interesting to see the craziness that happened in the 1920's


Day 5

My internet was wonky and I could not post it until today. I had drawn my favorite fruit, grapefruit! It always makes me happy because it is healthy and extremely yummy. I prefer red grapefruits to white grapefruits because they are sweeter.


Day 4

My college has beautiful architecture and it's a lot of fun to draw. This is one of our classroom buildings, it actually used to be a military base quite a few years back and now it's just an engineering campus.


Day 3

I used to live in Utah a few years back and we found this amazing Mexican fast food restaurant called Cafe Rio, and whenevr I am starved for a good salad I go their because I adore their fire grilled chicken salad with their house sauce. It is soooo good and I can't get enough of it. However the salad is too big for me so I end up eating it for days.



I live in Arizona, and we are surrounded by palm trees. They are very tall so you have to look up at them to get a good view of the palm tree. One of my favorites things about a palm tree is that all of the birds like sitting on it and it's super cool to watch them dive off of the palm trees in order to get food.



I think self portraits are super weird but I had a lot of fun with this one because I love makeup so trying to draw the contour and all of that kind of stuff is a lot of fun. I couldn't use watercolors so I used copic markers instead, they have a similar effect.

I was trying to emphasize the craziness of my hair :) I think it's funny how it turned out!



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