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I made sloths cool.



Workshop Capstone Project: Plus my Exploring Flower Power class project.



WORKSHOP Capstone Project:

I'm gonna start with the least weird thing I did. I got kinda crazy, hehe.


1) a subtle bouquet

I was actually originally gonna do the bold bouquet... but then it kinda just turned out more on the subtle side of things.

I went and got myself some flowers!


Finished Project:



2) Draw 25 different lines

This is where things started to get weird. I started with normal lines. Then squiggly lines, pointy lines, striped lines, dotted lines, hatched lines... snooze. Then I drew a skyline! Then a line of ants! Then a series of hairlines, treeline, caution tape (don't cross this line!), clothing line, chalkline (dark), EKG line, phone line (in this case, one of those phones you make when you're a kid and you use two cans and string), power line, line music. Then I kinda drifted back to regular lines for a couple. And then, I remembered fishing lines and kites on a line... idk maybe I'm stretching here. That's the point, right?



3) write down 5 adjectives, then 5 nouns. Create something by combining the second adjective and the fourth noun.

I used a random word generator website to pick some random words. I was worried once i read the instructions that it would sway what words I wrote down. I kinda wanted a challenge, and I got one for sure. Things got weird.

My words: Volatile Badge

Here are my notes:


 You see I starred Monster and Girlscout/boyscout badge

But I didn't do that... I did... Kanye badge... and here it is:



 4) Create a garden of shapes

This one was really fun. I took it very literally. Here is my initial sketch:


I imagine a city of gnomes live here. They spend their time growing circles, diamonds, squares, dots, triangles and everything us humans need to build our world. It's a real garden of shapes.

I went ahead and colored it:


5) draw your favorite fruit 12 different ways

I've been addicted to avocados! So, here they are:


Mmm, I'm gonna go dump my face in some guacamole now.



Class project:




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