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Workshop #5- Design your perfect portfolio


wow! I can't believe that today is our last day in class. This went by too fast!  Its true about the saying " do what you love and it will never feel like work" I want to make this my life motto. 

Thank you Bonnie for an outstanding job of putting these 5 classes together. To encourage and give constructive criticism to help better ourselves is no small task. I'm fortunate that I got to attend all 5 of them. Along the way I've met so many amazing and talented friends who are on the same path as myself. To share this journey with other like minded people encourages me to know that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I love ART!

In regards to finding people in the industry I'm wanting to fine tune my portfolio before I start sending it out. By the end of this month I should have it ready. I am keeping my self accountable as I have put it off for too long. The fear and the unknown has kept me back. With that being said I'm open to any industry be it fabric, stationery or wallpaper. 
(However my list only consists of one place for stationery)

These are just a few of the places I've found and I plan on contacting for more info: 

Liberty of London

Eccolo ltd- stationary

Free Spirit

Blend Fabrics

Robert Kaufman

Pink Light Design

Ink and Arrow ( i love some of their designers but found no info for submitting portfolio. 


 I have opened my Spoonflower shop and will be listing a few of the fabrics. I also opened a Society 6 page.

I will be updating my progress on my IG account and if anyone wants to follow me there its @mannikhaper

I look forward to all of my peers/ friends progress and wish each and every one of you all the success in your future endeavours. xoxo


I finally finished!! Omg! this was not easy but its done!! woohoo!! I'm so tired! 

A big thank you to you Bonnie for being an amazing teacher, I have learned so much from in the past 5 months. This has been one amazing journey not only with learning but making new friends. I hope to continue this journey and see where it takes me and everyone else.

 I know that I still have a lot to learn but I'm up for the challenge. 

Big hugs to you Bonnie :)

Here is my link to the web portfolio :


Manni :)


Hi Everyone

I'm slightly behind and i was working on my recolouring and lay out. I've been procrastinating about which patterns to go with. As I've already worked on a portfolio ( due to being in the fashion industry ) my concern is putting out the best possible prints to entice a potential client to look at it. 

So for my portfolio this is how I would see it:

1.Cover page

2. Bio with artwork that ties in with the next page

3. A "Statement Artwork" to entice the viewer/ customer

4. 1st fabric collection 

5. drawings/ mockups to follow up with that

6. 2nd fabric collection

7. drawings/ mockups to follow up with that

8. "Statement Artwork" 

9. contact info with artwork

I may print this out as a mock up to see how it goes, not sure yet. I do have a question for anyone who might know. How do you create a booklet presentation? do you use illustrator or is there another program you can use to put everything on it.  I did try out the PDF Portfolio format but you have to buy it from Adobe....

if anyone has any info that  would be greatly appreciated.

Manni :)


Here is my logo for my fabric collection. I wrote it and then cleaned it up in illustrator.




Today my friend sat down with me and discussed colours with me. She's an amazing knitter and her sense of style along with her colour choices are amazing. I simply adore this friend :)

So I finally understand how to do it and I've added another colour way below the other 3 styles. Now I know some of you must be thinking what am I doing by making so many. I'm not going to lie I'm having a hard time choosing which ones to go with and thats why the first two boards are a bit too colourful. The 3rd board was neutral and guess what? it had the most likes ( based on my friends) The final piece is one that I'm actually happy with and hopefully it ties in together. Thank you all for letting me rant about this. 

Bonnie, you make this look so easy and hands down that is an amazing talent. I know you said that it comes with practice but my mind is one giant colourful mess and I guess thats why i over did the boards!!! Anyways, this is the last post for today :) lol!


I did two different colour ways.**update May.01.17** I thought that the colours were to dark and that there wasn't enough neutrals, so I decided to go with a very neutral pallet. I hope I did this right. I'm actually not sure what I'm doing but anyhow the last colour way was to see if I can make this collection a bit more lighter?!! see I don't know if its right

Any critique is appreciated and pls don't worry I will not take an offence as I'm here to learn. :)

I would like to know more from everyone else how they decided on which colours/patterns to go with. As you can see I kind of went over board and couldn't decide :/






April 10.17- Here are my three Focal Point Prints. Two of them are from my past two classes which I continued the colour pallet and also the patterns. For the third pattern I decided to do something a bit different. I've always wanted to redo my Marie Antoinette pattern that I had done a few years back. 

First Pattern is from the 1st Workshop : BOHEMIAN GYPSY




The 2nd one is from the Watercolour/ Live Trace: ( which really has no name!) 



The final Pattern is : MARIE ANTOINETTE



April 05.17-  I've completed most of the motifs for each group, but think I might add more later. This was a tough one to try to complete 3 different sets of pattern. 

1. Boho Gypsy- continued


2. Marie Antoinette 


3. Live Trace/ Water colour : 


April.02.17- Here are some of the artwork I've been working on for the Marie Antoinette. As I already have a lot of motifs for the other two patterns I'm focused more on this new one.  There are still some hand drawn ones but will scan those in tomorrow.


April.01,17- there was spelling mistakes!! (so embarrassed) 

Mar.30.17- I finally had time to make my mood board and I'm pleased with how it turned out. I'll do my write up tonight and hopefully post it sometime this weekend :) 


Mar.29.17- Workshop #3- I've decided to keep the themes I'm currently working on and expanding from those. However I do have another theme that I've been meaning to do. Its more of a redo as I wasn't pleased with how it came out. Its Marie Antoinette/ Versailles theme. We'll see how it is as I'm fighting a migraine thats left me very sensitive to light and noise. Hopefully by the weekend I can have it up for you guys to see :) 


Bohemian Gypsy- Exotic, Ethnic, Flowing, Artistic, Free spirit, Henna, Flower child, Traveller, Eccentric, Tribal, Vibrant, Avant- Garde, Care Free, Unique, Radical, Groovy 

I am actually continuing my theme from the 1st course as I find that I can further explore on that theme.  The 1st course was about line drawings that incorporated some of the elements of floral but not fully. This time I plan on adding lots of floral with overlaying tonal patterns( who knows I change my mind often ). There will be tons of roses, daisies, cabbage roses, or even jasmine. Also the foliage that you see are shaped like some of the main elements from my previous pattern. I hope to incorporate some of those elements into them. Colour theme are still bright and vibrant  However I have added more colours as I was inspired to think two different options.  One being the bright and bold and the other maybe a softer colour pallet. We'll see what happens :)



here are my flowers that are both live trace and using the blob tool. I love the live trace and the way the colours look. by the way these are not actual colours, just used what was on hand. I noticed that I don't have any fillers. I guess I will be going to the florist this weekend to take some photos of that and adding. I'm still going to play around with more photos but I want to draw more and see how that works :)


Completed Watercolour paintings: 

Here are a few of the paintings I could fit into one shot. The colours are available. Was just getting a feel for which direction I wanted to go. Anyhow now onto the next phase. I have them all scanned and ready to live trace them :)


Mar.09.17- i forgot to add this one with roses. 


Mar.10.17- Here are my watercolour motifs. These are some of the colours that I'm using for my collections. 



So I finally completed all the patterns. However I was having a hard time as to which ones I really liked. I compiled a bunch of them along with my 4 x main ones. I really had fun with the watercolour ones. Even though getting the colours right was sometimes hard. I think I need to think outside of the box when it comes to colours as I like certain ones and I always end up using those. That being said I found some really cool apps that helped with the colour selection to help me with the combos. 

Hand Drawn/ Live Trace Patterns: #1



Hand Drawn/ Live Trace Patterns: #2



Watercolour Paint Patterns: #3



Watercolour Paint Patterns: #4



Bohemian Gypsy- Exotic, Ethnic, Flowing, Artistic, Free spirit, Henna, Flower child, Traveller, Eccentric, Tribal, Vibrant, Avant- Garde, Care Free, Unique, Radical, Groovy 

here are my finished patterns. I couldn't decide which ones I liked :) I have added a few more however the 1st print is my master print that I started with. 

I did notice that when I used the recolour artwork it actually shows on one of my prints where the petal is white. I know its a booboo! but i guess I learned from that mistake. 

I can't tell you how much I've learned on my second round with this class. Especially the pace is really important to ensure that we have time to complete it. 

I'm excited to see what the next classes will bring :)











Hello everyone

I know  I'm a bit late my inspiration is actually a mix of different cultural influences. So instead of using nature to inspire i'm using my culture along with that I mixed a few other elements to help tie in everything. As I've taken this course before I actually didn't finish my last one out of the three that were due. So this actually works for me as it was a challenge back then to complete them all. I think I was so over whelmed by the designing that I kept changing that one so many times. Eventually I just didn't like what I had created. 

Anyhow my theme is called 

Bohemian Gypsy- Exotic, Ethnic, Flowing, Artistic, Free spirit, Henna, Flower child, Traveller, Eccentric, Tribal, Vibrant, Avant- Garde, Care Free, Unique, Radical, Groovy 

These are just a few words to describe what I feel when I look at the inspiration. My Indian culture along side with some Moroccan flavour  are what my theme will compose o


a few drawings that I'm playing around. its not all of them. 




Santorini- Sea Breeze, Cool, Water, Aegean Sea, Sunsets, Calm, Dreamy, Neon Blue Sky, Radiant, Saline Tang, Waves, Crystal Clear

Absolutely love this palate. Used the inspiration of the Greek traditional embroidery for the flowers and the tiles :) My favourite is the 1st one and I would love to see that in a printed shift dress :)






Parisian Chic- Stylish, Chic, Elegance, Timeless, Flirty, Shopping, Perfume, Eloquent, Flowers, Pasteries,     Love

I decided to go with a bold palate and something that is out of my comfort zone. Its basically has every colour in the pattern. I wish I had more time but not bad for a first time pattern ;)



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