Workshop #5 Design your Perfect Portfolio

Here is my link!!!


I have one more collection to add that I am rounding out and a couple of the mock ups need a little clean up around the edges but other than that I am super happy with how its turning out :)


What I am thinking so far for the portfolio is:



Sonnet Dusk 

Solstice Ceremonies (working on the last print for that today and a second color way)

Petrichor and Petals (working on a second color way)

Blackberry Coven (Have a few prints left to complete for this one)

I'm thinking of including mock ups after each collection like a mini look book maybe a page or two. Or even incorporate into the presentation pages I'll have to see how it works as I'm building them.   I'm going to be working double time because I would really like to be able to include my unfinished collections in the timeframe of the workshop (wishful thinking lol).  I have ordered all of my supplies for the bound book as well including ordering fabric printed from spoonflower :)  I'm hoping that I'll be able to print it all on my home printer I saw that Epson has a double sided presentation paper.  I'm so glad its a long weekend so I can work work work!!



I can't decide which one I like the best. EDIT:  I'm going to go with option 1 for the logo (#2 is shaped kinda like a peanut lol).

Option 1:


Option 2:



This was sooo hard!! lol.  I decided to take the headshot in my garden since my house is a wreck right now.  We just had new floors put in throughout and they just finished so things are weird and dusty.  



Corri Sheff is a surface pattern designer and illustrator.  She draws inspiration from nature, vintage botanical illustrations and her own garden.  Corri finds beauty in the strange and unconventional - from the creepiest of crawlies to a knotty tree.  Her designs are elegant and sophisticated with just a touch of whimsy. She currently resides in the Mojave Desert with her husband, daughter, two dogs and one cat.

updated colorways:

colorway 1:


color way 2:




Colorway 1: 


Colorway 2:


Extras because I love them :)





Final prints:  Still working on color a bit.  I'm posting early because i'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow so I'm not sure I'll get to anything.  If I do, I'll be working on color :)

This print is to go with a previous collections (the one with the hares).


This one if for that collection as well (still working on color!!)


This next 3 are for the collection with the ravens.  I had a lot of fun with the wings :)  I'm not sure if it'd be ok to have them all in one collection.




Hopefully I'm not too loopy tomorrow and can work with the color a bit more but I wanted to be sure to upload my project before the due date just in case :)

Here are *some* of my motifs.  I'm still working on and tweaking a few more.  I also threw a few I made for the last workshop but didn't use just in case (waste not).  Some here still need a bit more color.  I'm working on a few more pansies.  I have a vision of that print being lots of smiling pansy faces lined up (maybe like a field study or something).  The thistles still need a little work and I may still combine them with some sort of lace pattern.  I'm working on some blackberry brambles and foxglove as well :) Very excited to get these couple of old collections finished up finally.  I have a vision for that raven wing (that took forever but was so worth it) too. I think the iPad pro has changed my style a bit, or maybe I should say helps me work better in my own style and vision of how I want my art to work.  Anyway, I am trying not to stray too much from the original prints - if that even makes any sense lol. 



I'm a little bit behind on this stage :/  But I did get my veggie garden going and planted 17 dahlias in the yard lol! Anyway, after looking at the work I have going, I think I have enough in the focal print department for the dark bloom (or whatever I end up calling it) collection.  So I'm going to focus on rounding out the focal prints in 2 previous collections (blackberry coven and solstice ceremonies).  Here are a few sketches I've worked on.  I know that I need more so I'll be playing a little catch up this week :)



For this new workshop I will be making one more focal print for the collection I've started (below) in the past 2 workshops.  For the other 2 prints I'll be revisiting the watercolor collection and the collections started waaaaay back in the summer :)  


Here are my repeats for the collection that I'm working on for the workshop.  I think I have finally landed on a pallet I'm happy with so I'll be recoloring the previous repeats during our week off.




Here are my watercolor repeats.  I have a few variations of a couple of them. I'm not sure if these will fit into the current collection I'm working on or if I'll work them into something new.






Here are my watercolor motifs vectorized.  I'm excited to play around with colorizing them.  This was super fun :)


Here a few pages of paintings I've done.  I'd still like a few more since I'm not super happy with any of these.  I switched from the Fabriano hot press paper to Arches hot press and I'm liking the feel and the absorption better.  We'll see though ;)



Here are some of the motifs I have completed.  Colors will change :)  They still need to be cleaned up a bit in AI (drawn in Adobe draw on iPad).  I do still have some motifs from the last workshop I didn't end up using that may make their way into these prints.  I am still working on a few more today too, I feel like I need to add some 'simpler' florals in (buds too maybe).  Oh, and I'll be adding to that space in the fern - the one I drew from was missing a frond. 


My project will be a continuation of the dark florals collection that I began with the first workshop.  Here are some photos I have taken to use a reference.  I have been working on tweaking my pallet a bit too.  Can't wait to get started!


Here are the prints that I have completed for the workshop.  I'm happy that I have a few 'extra' motifs for some additional prints.  The top print is to go with a previous collection, I do still have 4 prints for the new collection too :)  I am LOVING using the iPad pro to work on illustrations.  I find I have a little bit of cleanup when I get my art into illustrator but nothing too major.






For this new collection, Dark Blooms (working title), my 10 words are:

leafy, huge blooms, dark, romantic, moody, a little whimsical, lush, wild, chaotic, bold, and edgy

So far I have this part of a pinterest board for inspiration, right now I'm culling through my pictures (most taken at the Huntington Gardens) to source my own original photos for my sketches.

In addition to this I would like to round out some of the pervious collections that I have started from the workshop I did over the summer (those boards are below).   My goal is at the end of the 5 workshops to have a portfolio of 4 (maybe 5 because of the watercolors) collections to start sending out :)  Here's hoping my preschooler cooperates hahaha!! 

Ok, I am uploading what I have done for my motifs today (I have a dentist appt tomorrow so I don't want to forget).  Not all are finished some still need a little smoothing, tweaking, and colorizing.  Colors placed are not finalized by any means.  The first art board is for the dark floral collection and the second is for the petrichor and petals collection that has been started previously.  




Here are some of the sketches I have done.  The bottom row with the swallowtail butterflies and the feathers will be for previous collections.  Sorry for the phone pictures!!


Hi there! I'm Corri.  I currently live in Southern California but am originally from Wisconsin (my husband is in the Air Force so we've been all over the place).  I have an old dusty degree in Illustration/Graphic Communications/Fine art.  It's been a while since I've used Illustrator and I'm noticing a lot of changes (for the better, hello blob brush!!). I'm mostly inspired by nature especially quirky kinds of animals and florals. 

My first pattern is inspired by long bony looking hares.  I'm planning on pairing them with some florals and things that remind me of my childhood summers spent in WI. A few of my resources are coming from pictures I have not personally taken but I am making sure that I look at tons of them and not copying any outright.  The flowers are from my garden :)


My second pattern is inspired by a huuuuuge praying mantis that was in my garden last fall.  She was the most beautiful graceful creature.  This spring my garden has been blessed with literally 100s of baby mantises!


My third collection is inspired by the ravens all over here in California.  I don't add my own pictures to my moodboard because they're mostly of them getting at the trash bins (i'll be using those for my sketches though).  I want to have the ravens intertwined with dark juicy berries and twiggy vines.


The start of my sketches.  I'm still working on some more :)




Here are a few of my illustrated motifs.  I have a few more in progress. I'm hoping to finish those up later tonight or tomorrow.  These are a mash up from all three focal prints I'm working on and not their final colors (I was just playing around with color).


Working on building my hare motifs. I realized that all of the motifs I want to include probably aren't necessary in the focal print but I can carry them over into the supporting prints.  I'm having a much easier time now that I'm not trying to cram everything into one repeat lol. I had to re-draw my hare into a different position and I'm liking it much more. I did want him a little fuzzier but its just looking weird when I add to him so I think I'll leave him like this.  Things are moving along now that a week of my daughter's dance camp is over and her friend isn't staying over with us ;) who knew the drama of 2 4 year old girls. lol.

Here are my focal prints and the start of my collections:



I'm still playing around with the palette on this one, especially the last floral supporting print.  I'm not really feeling that lavender background. Overall I'm super happy with my focal print and am having fun working out supporting motifs for it.







Again with this collection, I'm still working out the supporting prints.  I'm so happy with how the focal print ended up (even though its not at all what I originally had in mind!).  






With this print I ended up trying out the live trace for the mantis.  I really wanted to use the photo I had taken of the huge lady I found in our backyard. I first went into photoshop to erase the background (which took forever!! i could have drawn 10 of them in that time lol).  I still may go back and draw her from hand and illustrate her and pop her back in. I'm not sure. 




I have learned so much in this workshop and cannot wait to keep plugging away at these collections (and make new ones!!). Thank you so much, Bonnie! This was an incredible experience!!


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