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Workshop #5 Design Your Perfect Portfolio

Workshop #5

Phase 5: Research and Contacts

I am so thankful for the push to create this list! I have done lots of research this week and have created "the list". I have emailed several companies about "submission guidelines" but have only heard back from one. Bonnie, I can see why you always tell us to pick up the phone and call! I plan to continue making phone calls this week and hopefully finish getting the names of art directors and submission guidelines for the other half of my list.  I have also been thinking a lot about my hard copy portfolio and plan to get that finished up by the end of the month. I am going to create a handmade book with a coptic stitch binding. My goal is to start sending out hard copy portfolios and digital portfolios by the end of the month! I feel so incredibly scared saying that, but also excited!!!

Bonnie, thank you for these classes, for your constant support and for all the amazing resources you have compiled for us! When I discovered your skill share classes (a little over a year ago) I felt my insides explode! I had been searching for "what I wanted to be when I grew up" for four years. I have always been quite creative, loved art, interior design and sewing. I wanted to start my own business and I tried a few different things but nothing ever quite felt right. As soon as I saw your classes I just knew that I had finally found "MY THING!" It combines absolutely every thing I love into one and makes my heart sing! Thank you again for sharing your gifts with all of us. This past year has been a crazy journey and I just feel so thankful for the support I have found through your classes and through the Roost Tribe!

Phase 3/4: Digital Portfolio

Woohoo! Finally finished up my digital portfolio and it feels so amazing! That certainly was a labor of love :) Here is the link to my digital version on issuu. This is a newer version with a few minor changes.


I have been working every minute on this portfolio and I still have a ways to go! But I am seriously loving every minute of it. Since I am still working on tweaking everything, I will finish the digital version for this class and make the hard copy this summer :) It is just so exciting seeing everything finally pull together! I will have 2 mini collections (Emmaline and Indulgence) and one full collection (Annabella). 

Here are a few of the pages so far......









I have more color ways and more pages but they are still in the progress mode. Here is a little screen shot of my portfolio document (work in progress :)


Table of Contents:



Workshop #4 The Art of Designing in Collections

I did a bit of fine tuning for my Annabella collection. I adjusted the color way a bit (thanks for the advice Bonnie!) and replaced one of the patterns. I'm wondering if the pattern in the top right corner is still too similar between the two color ways?



My Photo:


Tessie Fay Bio (still a work in progress..)

Tessie Fay Snow is an artist and pattern designer with a passion for helping women create beautiful and peaceful homes. Her patterns are a direct reflection of her inner peace, love and joy. Tessie designs each pattern from her soul with a deliberate motive to uplift and beautify our every day spaces. Tessie’s motto is “Clear out the clutter, and fill your home with something that makes your heart sing.”

Tessie currently lives with her husband and four children in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Phase 3:

I ended up creating several new patterns for this collection and the patterns below I am going to use in a second collection :) I can not tell you how much fun I have had creating these!! There is something so satisfying about seeing all the patterns pulled together in a collection! 



I am so excited to finally be pulling collections together and fine tuning them. Here is the collection that I will be working on:


Workshop #3 Designing Focal Point Prints

This has been a difficult workshop for me! Working on 1 print for 3 different collections has been quite challenging for me. I'm learning a lot about my workflow and how I prefer to really dive deep into one collection instead of juggling between several :)  I did finally create my three patterns.

The first is for my "Indulgence" collection:


The second is from my Christmas Collection "Whimsical Wonderland":


And the third is from my "English Garden" collection:


Mood Boards: I have two new mood boards that I will be designing from and for my third collection I will be expanding on my English Garden Theme from an earlier class. Here are my two new mood boards :)




Workshop #2 Illustrate from Photos and Paintings

Through taking this class I have discovered that I absolutely LOVE designing patterns from my paintings! It is my favorite way to design. I had so much fun that I ended up designing quite a few patterns.

Final Patterns in 2 color ways:





Here are a few close ups:







Motifs from water colors:


Water Color Sketches:





Motifs from photos:


In my attempt to create the perfect floral, I will be illustrating many many flowers :)

Here are my initial photos:



Workshop #1 

Final patterns for my English Garden collection. I included 4 different patterns in two colorways:

Pink and Blue:





Purple and Navy:





Motifs for English Garden:


Digital Sketches for English Garden:


Pencil Sketches for English Garden:


My theme for this fabric collection is "English Garden". We lived in England for a few years and my mother in law is serving a mission in England now! England is a place that is close to our hearts.

Theme: English Garden

10 Words: Flora, Classic, feminine, simple, enchanted, alive, quaint, tradition, pink, garden

Mood Board:



Calendar Challenge:

Thank you for this calendar challenge Bonnie! It was a blast designing this. Every day I fall more and more in love with Adobe Illustrator and surface pattern design :)



Just wanted to update my project with another pattern I created for my "Cora" collection. I couldn't decide on a color way so I included all 4 :)





Hi! I'm Tessie. I am a stay at home mom with 4 kids living in Minneapolis. I love sewing, painting, interior design and all things creative and crafty :) Now that my kids are getting older, I am dreaming of starting my own business as a fabric designer. I am brand new to Adobe Illustrator but I felt like this class will really help me jump in and get going! Summer time is a little crazy with all the kids home from school but I have been waking up at 5:00 each morning and designing before the kids arise. I feel giddy learning this new skill and I am having a blast!

Cora (My oldest daughter named after her great Grandmother Cora)

Cora is a collection inspired by 3 generations of women. It is an opportunity to honor the women who have come before us. It is sweet and simple and reminds us to slow down and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. Cora reminds us to pull out the fancy dishes and enjoy the little things as we fill our homes with laughter and love. It is remembering the delicate wildflowers embroidered with love by Grandma’s tender hands and creating heirlooms that can be passed down through generations.



Paint Palette

Paint Palette is an exploration of my love for water colors. It is all about fun, exploration and creativity. Paint Palette is filled with vivid colors and organic expressions of a paintbrush. All of the images were hand painted by me. 

*I still need to figure out how to remove the paper background and turn the shapes into vector :)


Feminine Glamour

Feminine Glamour was inspired by my recently decorated bedroom. It is the perfect combination of indulgence, comfort and style. Feminine Glamour is about splurging on the little things and celebrating the little joys of life. It is about digging out that fancy jewelry and going for a night on the town.

*Sketches still to come :)





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