Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - student project

I just published my digital portfolio on ISSUU. What a rush to see The Poppy Dots Collection 
on ISSUU...admit I misted up a bit when I realized it was working!

Below are 5 of the best pages - shown above is the title page. It has a naive feel & I'm good with that.
For purposes of getting this assignment completed, I did the 1st collection which I visualized on
clothing and accessories. This is all still foreign to me in spite of almost a year doing research 
on surface pattern design. 

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 1 - student projectWorkshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 2 - student projectWorkshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 3 - student project

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 4 - student project

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 5 - student project____________________________________________________

Collection Logos:

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 6 - student project

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 7 - student project














Some things are just meant to be. Linda Naughton’s fascination with patterns printed on fabric began in early childhood, tracing over the details in the handmade quilts on all the beds. When she asked to see how the cloth was made, her granny told her that happened in a big factory far away. Linda never lost the desire to know more. And years later, making her own quilts, that curiosity was revived.

Everything she makes begins with the thrill of playful exuberance which Linda seeks to convey through vivid color combinations, complex lines, and unexpected details.

From her Ohio Valley origins to life in northeastern Minnesota, one constant remains — designing and making things that lift the spirit is a way of life for this creative woman.

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 8 - student project

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 9 - student project

Forgive me, I did 2 separate collections...and I could make still more. Poppies have me under their spell!! Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz! I put in many hours - a labor of love. They still could take lots of fine tuning and polishing, but the assignment is complete enough for tonight.

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 10 - student project

Having participated in all three of these EXCELLENT workshops to date, I've sketched, inked, watercolored, and digitized a folder full of pattern designs. In each workshop I worked in a new style as the result of the learning process. This has been very freeing and creatively stimulating! These workshops have  also helped me structure my workflow across all media that I currently work in. 

The collection name Poppy Dots captures the playfulness I feel about my motifs. In this next phase, I will take my favorite ideas and see how I can revise, recolor, and work them into a collection. If they turn into more than one collection, even better!

Two favorite textile designers are Kaffe Fassett and Joseph Frank plus Marimekko designs. The sheer color and exuberance and graphic qualities are what speak to me and that's what I long to create with my own work. 

I've just learned how to digitized my watercolor sketches in Photoshop thanks to Dylan M's Skillshare classes. So I will add this new technique to see if I can get my ideas to look more like what I want. 

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 11 - student project

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 12 - student project

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 13 - student project

I finally let myself stop obsessing about creating repeating pattern tiles this go round because I was not enjoying this whole process nearly as much as I had in the beginning. And was it ever showing up in my work! The tedious obsession with getting everything perfect robbed me of quality creative time & I felt tempted to chuck the whole thing - not a happy thought at all!

However, I finally feel competent in creating a repeating tile and troubleshooting it if things don't work on the first (or second!) try. Pressing on in spite of my disenchantment, I started several FOCAL pattern files as best I could.

Today I felt a breakthrough-- it FINALLY OCCURRED to me...just create the concept.

Here they are (above.) Yay!!
Feels like I just had a B12 injection ;-D.

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 14 - student project

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 15 - student project

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 16 - student project

Design-wise, I've been bit all over the place in this series; but have deepened my creative process and broadened my digital skill set substantially! So I'm feeling mighty grateful for the course and thankful that I had the good sense to sign up. I plan to tidy up the patterns started in each of the past 2 workshops and work on a 3rd that popped up (yes another poppy reference!! haha) in a class I'm taking elsewhere.

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 17 - student project

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 18 - student project

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 19 - student project

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 20 - student project

Last night the same thing happened as with Workshop #: I felt that my motifs were not me...too overworked for my liking. Just not "me." So I had dinner and started in again. 3 of the above 4 are the result of that session...and they are the kind of wackiness that resonates with me. I also included the Garden Lantern pattern at the top which I worked the heck out of this morning after realizing I was leaving too much room between the motif groupings. I like it better now, but couldn't for the life of me get it to drag over into the pattern swatch panel...sigh!!

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 21 - student project

I got a bit ahead of myself...these are my photo motif to the watercolor motif groupings. Back soon, well maybe not soon. But by Tuesday!

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 22 - student project

All my watercolor motif parts on one letter size art board for your viewing pleasure! Its official, I'm addicted to making watercolor motif parts. Everything I see around me is likely to inspire another. I MUST make dinner or I'll miss the latest episode of Victoria on PBS...


Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 23 - student project

I've been a busy watercolor painter today. And the hours just the Zone. They don't look as good in this photo as they do in person or on screen (i'm prejudiced of course!) In fact, those blueish green pods and that sprig in yellowish green were the first ones painted & scanned; and I almost cried with joy when I saw the scan results -  they made me that happy. Tomorrow I'll see what transpires as I try combining them to make motifs. 

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 24 - student project

Well I did my best with that blob brush...still practicing! It is definitely the faster way compared to the Image Trace tool. I'm beginning to see the necessity of having many motifs prepared up front and I'm working on getting that mindset firmed up. This is a delightful workshop series. Thank you Bonnie for your perseverance in following your dreams and including us!

Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 25 - student project

I will continue with my Poppy theme and develop it as I go through these 5 workshops. This workshop I've titled my pattern theme Poppyluscious and I've developed my storyline a bit more:

Poppies are the stars of my little backyard flower patch. I wait all winter for the snow to melt and reveal the first glimpse of that spikey, bright green leaf base that will soon send up green buds that meet me at eye level! As June heats up, the buds POP one by one, and spill out all their gorgeous color. It takes about 10 days for my three poppy clumps to reach full bloom. Then the petals gradually fall leaving behind the seed pods - their fuzzy stamens holding the magenta color awhile longer. As months pass, the pods and stems fade to brown, but they poke their heads above the snowdrift all winter to remind me...they will return next June!  

My descriptive words are: poppy, luscious, perennial, vivid, uplifting, energizing, passionate, heartfelt, beauty, fragile, playful, fleeting, happy, silky, precious, springtime, exotic, June, spikey, popping, unfurling.

I found it much easier this time around to come up with words and the story. And this was a very satisfying exercise. I can hardly wait to add more motifs to my growing project/pattern.


Workshop #5 DESIGN PERFECT PORTFOLIO - image 26 - student project

Here you go Miss Bonnie & Classmates...whew! 

Thank heavens for that smoother pencil. Once I got going, something just clicked this morning and I was placing multiple scans instead of one at a time as before. I took a giant step forward today, so I'm feeling pretty happy & excited for the next phase. I included my little personal trademark/logo down in the lower right corner.

Linda Naughton
Designer, Maker, Chipmunk Whisperer