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Workshop #4 (and #3)

May 3, 2017, 7:54


Still no sketches, hopefully I have time today to sketch.


I've managed to recolour about half of the ones I'd hoped but right away did two colour stories. A girly one for me girl and a masculine one for me boy! That should definitely make up for it right? :P






May 2, 2017, 21:51


Well I've finally settled on a colour palette.  With how my days have been going though I don't know if I'll have time to apply it before the deadline.


May 2, 2017 14:00


Alright, here's the patterns I've pulled. I haven't yet fiddled with any of the scale or colours. As for title I'm going to stick to the title that the majority of patterns are pulled from. Namely, Pacifica.  I still like it and it still fits.

Pacifia: Inspired by the feel of mountain air on a foggy morning. The wonder of rain falling on the natural canopy overhead as one happily wanders over tangled roots, through lush undergrowth and oceans of pinecones.



I've not yet had time to sketch and get a colour scheme thought out yet but hopefully later tonight! This collection is quickly melding from just dutch inspired to mother inspired.  My mother has had quite the life and I'm hoping to focus and just one precious part of it.  My mother is actually the second oldest in her family.  Her older sister died from a brain tumour just shortly after she turned 21.  They were incredibly close growing up and I'm hoping to pay homage to that relationship that my mother holds so close to her heart.


April 26, 2017 12:22

Right. So I haven't managed to get to my computer that has all my snazzy .jpgs on it.  However! I have been putting some deep thought into how I want to proceed simultaneously completing this workshop as well as the last.  So for ease of reading I shall label each project in every update.


For this I'm going to pull my patterns that remind me of where I am. Namely, the gorgeous west coast of BC. I know exactly which ones I'm going to pull and I shall post a screen cap as soon as I have access to my pics!


For this one I'd like to focus and where I'd love to be! And that would be the Netherlands. As my mother is Dutch to her bones and I've been there multiple times I have more than enough material I can use to inspire 3 patterns.  I don't have a write up per se more an emotion. And to rob the lovely teacher that would be the feeling of going home to roost.  Every time I've gotten off a plane in the Netherlands it's like breathing a sigh of relief that I'm finally home.  Due to circumstances I've been unable to do that for over 10 years now and boy howdy do I ever feel it. In the end I hope the patterns can be an amalgamation of me essentially. Born in Canada, but Dutch through and through.

Again, I shall posts pics as soon as possible!

And as a side note, if any of y'all know steps to help me realize this dream for my family I'm all ears!

March 15, 2017 23:14

Well I got her done.  Although it seems that what could've gone wrong did.  Power outages, computers crashing, corrupted files etc.  I ended up having to completely recreate 2 of the patterns.  The large size of the watercolour files ended up being just a tad too much for my poor 8 year old computer.  Thus no recolours of those :(

My theme of choice this time round is 'New Beginnings'.  The words that came to mind were; fresh, blossoming, serenity, hope, vibrant, greenery, dewdrops, sunrise, happiness, spring and fawns.

I'm still working off the word group from earlier so I shall just upload my pics!






March 14, 2017 22:24

Behold the coloured tracings!


March 14, 2017 15:03

And here be the photos I shall be working from! Again, apologies for the backwards order of things.


March 14, 2017

Here the watercolours be all pretty and matching!


March 13, 2017

The valuable lesson I learned during this segment was "how essential scanners are" that and "what is free time?".  Unfortunately I did not have access to a scanner.  I ended up taking photos of each individual motif and lightening them in photoshop before bringing them into illustrator.  Sadly it still messed up the live-tracing and the results were not nearly as nice as I would have preferred them to be. I loved working with the water colours but I don't think I'll try turning any of my paintings into patterns until I have pure unadulterated access to a glorious scanner!


March 7, 2017

My apologies for being so late with everything this workshop! As this was the one in the series I was most excited for I shall do my utmost to catch up with what time is left.  I'm fairly confident in my Illustrator abilities so I'll tackle the first part of the workshop soon.  However, I haven't picked up my watercolours in years so I decided to start there.  Here are some photos of what I've gotten done so far!



I apologize for not uploading the in-between stage but life sure was stingy on the time it gave me to work diligently on this project.  

I found that even though I did some live tracing and just straight up tracing of photos I have taken I still preferred the traces from quick sketches I had done.  Also the quickest way to find out if your unhappy with a pattern in progress is to quickly recolour it...

That being said, behold the final package!







Finally managed to get some sketches in!  Not nearly as much as I would have liked naturally but c'est la vie!




My theme of choice this time round is 'New Beginnings'.  The words that came to mind were; fresh, blossoming, serenity, hope, vibrant, greenery, dewdrops, sunrise, happiness, spring and fawns.  For whatever reason that last one just vibes with my mental picture ;). I promise eventually it will make sense to all y'all too.

I also will upload the pictures of my inspiration forthwith! As soon as I can find the device I saved them too...  I assure you it's around somewhere!

* * * * *

Done and done! I didn't have as much time to make so many coordinating patterns for the other focal prints but I've uploaded what I could. For the Serenity collection I couldn't quite decide on a background colour for my sunshine buds so I've included them both.

I've noticed that I have a tendancy to overwork things and add far too many details, whereas I find myself drawn to much simpler designs. My challenge to myself has been to take a step back and let simpler details shine.

Notes aside I must express how happy I am to have been part of this workshop! The lessons Bonnie has supplied have been invaluable and working along side other creative minds has been truly inspiring. I truly believe that knowledge does not exist in a vacuum and we all benefit from sharing what we know. I'm really looking forward to expanding my newfound skill set and further developing a personal style!









Well I've gotten a good start on some coordinating fabrics for Pacifica.  I have to say, after staring at the roots one for a few days I'm surprised I haven't gone blind O.o.




And a closer look at each pattern!







And some recolours! Who can resist that button? Not me!





And here be the final! Tomorrow I shall place them together all nicely and do their write-ups.  This last one was by far the most stubborn and I'm still not sure if I'm entirely happy with it.  But one can only fiddle so much before it's counterproductive.


Two down, one to go!  I must say, what I've taken away from this segment is that with a finished pattern that recolour artwork button is seriously addictive.  As I worked on the projects they unitentionally started to evolve on me.  Thus I changed some names and themes slightly.  Pacific Northwest became Pacifica, and Meadows becamse Serenity.  In truth I just really wanted to make pretty things using a pastel palette.  Must be the spring air.  Or maybe that little girl in me tummy be sending me subliminal messages.  Who knows!  Regardless, here be the two focal patterns I've managed to finish thus far.



Due to many storms and subsequent power outages I got a lot less done than I had hoped >.<  As a result I decided to focus more on one design theme.  Also, the more I worked on any of these groups the more I got excited to develop a person style without the constraints of deadlines and themes.  The desire to randomly doodle is strong in this one!  Amazingly, I still did get something done for my first theme, Pacific Northwest. I even attempted working with two colour palettes! It's the little victories that count ;)





Hullo all!  I am an aspiring illustrator hailing from the wonderfully wet pacific rainforest of British Columbia.  I'm mother to an incredibly charming son and his soon to arrive little sister.

I've long fostered my love of all things creative and I'm super excited for this opportunity to expand my toolbox.  So without further ado, my proprosed collections!

1) Pacific Northwest

Having been born and raised in here it seemed the most logical to pay homage to it.  I hope to capture its atmosphere and spirit. The words I've manage to wrangle are: Rain, watercolours, pine trees/needles/cones, mountains, fog, mist, rivers, various shades of green, serenity, and forests.


2) Daydreams of Youth

The second collection is inspired by my son and his boundless imagination.  Following him around and listening to his stories is always the highlight of my day.  While admitedly my list of words may not make sense to anybody else but us, I've gathered them nonetheless: Geometric animals, pandas, super orange tabby, young boy, adventure, wonder, joy, imagination.


3) Meadows

For the final collection I hope to capture a feeling.  For me that's the sound of rainfall and happy birds.  The words! Wildflowers, peace, open fields, small birds, seeds, birdsongs, calming breeze.


Alas! Due to intense pregnancy brain I've completely forgotten to sketch.  I promise to create some and upload them forthwith!


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