Workshop #4 : The Art of Designing in Collections

Workshop #4:

Collection Logo:





.....and the final collection! However.......I have way too many colors, so I am first going to remedy that before trying another palette. 


Workshop #3:

I've been working on my focal point prints every minute I can......not sure if I truly have a handle on file size and the number of colors in a pattern. These both have waaaaay more than 18-20 colors....using the watercolors really increases the color numbers since I created blends for each of the colors. I did enjoy creating these, but I tend to be so detailed and thus takes so many hours that my eyes hurt right now!

Pattern #1: Basketweave: Picnic baskets are an essential part of a great picnic....this pattern is to celebrate all those gorgeous picnic baskets and the wild grass and blooms that get caught in the weave of the basket.


Pattern #2: "The Pitcher."  I can picture cool water being poured out of it in years past during summer picnics. Although it is weathered and old now, it still is beautiful adorned with a freshly picked bouquet of wild flowers.


Pattern 3: Yet to come!.....

Here's the start of something! ..... I still feel like it takes me sooo long .....


I've been busy practicing my watercolors.....hope to scan and use some for a focal pattern!


I am continuing on with the country picnic theme. It is definitely evolving more and more as I go along....found some new color swatches that I'd like to include. Below is my mood board for this workshop.


Workshop #2:

I see areas of improvement in my patterns, but I am so happy to have completed all 4 of them. I see that I truly like the watercolor motifs and prefer them over the live trace, which I didn't even use in my final patterns! So I hope you like them.......these will become part of my "Picnic in the Country" collection.




3 color ways of the 4th pattern:


Watercolor motifs:


Colored motifs:


Screen shot of tracings and 4 live trace motifs......still need to color them, so on to that next!



I decided to continue with the country picnic theme instead of the vintage tea cups....I'll save them for a future project!

Inspiration photos of vintage teacup collection from my mother:



Workshop #1: 1/30/2017


There's nothing like fresh country air and good food! With the January chill in the air and snow on the ground, I am aching for a picnic! This last summer, a group of my family gathered at my parent's farm where my grandfather homesteaded 100 years ago. One of our favorite activities was taking a hayride out to the homestead site and having a picnic......I'm hoping to capture the essence of that memory!

Here we are at our picnic in the "middle of nowhere" in Montana:


My initial sketches.....this is probably the hardest part for me.






Starting my patterns....

The first one is a simple checkered style pattern with the clover sketch in order to resemble a picnic tablecloth.


This is my first draft of the a complex pattern......I need to tweak it more, but wanted to share it with you.


This time I tried a striped pattern.....I like this better and seems to make more sense and flows better than the previous pattern.



____Past Projects _______________________________________


This is me....plus the two cutest grandchildren ever!! I live in Southeastern Wisconsin right near Lake Michigan in a very small town. I, however, grew up in Montana before meeting my husband of now 33 years who grew up here in Wisconsin. From a very early age I loved to sew.....first making clothes for my Barbie dolls and later clothes for myself and my children. The main inspiration I have for learning about pattern design is a dream to design quilting fabric....below are two quilts that I just finished this summer. The floral one was for my mother who is 82 and loves to read, so I picture her cuddled up on those frigid Montana winter nights reading! The second quilt was a commemorative quilt for my dad.....this past summer we celebrated the centennial of my grandfather homesteading in Montana very close to the farm where I grew up and my parents still live in the summer time. I photographed them on the farm this summer. These were such labors of love for me and something I have wanted to do for them for a long time. 

This is probably the 4th or 5th class I've taken from Bonnie .... I have taken other design classes, but keep coming back to her. I so appreciate her style of teaching and her design aesthetic. Not sure if I can keep up, but will sure try my best!




Moodboard #1: Don't Fence Me In



Moodboard #2: Just Fab Fall



Moodboard #3 Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String






Older projects.

3/1/2015 Prairie Whistlings

Rolling hills, gravel roads, fields of grain, and pastures of grass going on seemingly forever are vivid in the memories from my childhood....I am forever grateful for my upbringing in a remote farming community in Montana where my grandfather homesteaded in the early 1900's. 

I am privileged to take this Skillshare Class with Bonnie Christine ... I am so excited to further my design skills and see where they may take me!

Here is my inspiration/mood board for my project:


After looking over my mood board, I found an additional several photos with some accent colors that I think will enhance the shades of blue, brown, and green that appear predominately in my mood board photos. After narrowing 30+ colors down to 14, I think I have a palette that I am happy with and am excited to see work with my sketches!



I've been busy drawing this week....don't consider myself a "sketcher" but was quite pleased with what I can up with. After my initial pencil sketches, I moved on and used a fine marker pen to trace over some of the drawings and several I used a window to trace over the drawings because I don't have a lightbox. I also started the beginning of some hand lettering for my title. Now on to the illustrating and vectorizing my work!





These last few weeks I have been bringing my sketches to life! I am very comfortable with the pen tool, so that was my primary tool for vectorizing my scanned sketches. I do not have a tablet as of yet, so I just experimented with the blob tool and found it very difficult to be steady with my trackpad. Using a stylus and tablet will hopefully be better in the future. I used live trace to vectorize one photo of a horseshoe and several scans. I ended up putting each different element on a different layer.....I got sooooo mixed up otherwise. I am pleased with how these elements turned out and am eager to develop some motifs next!


March 23, 2015

Building motifs from my individual elements was harder than I first thought. After a lot of trial and error, I came up with 5 feature motifs that I will use to build my pattern!


March 31, 2015

Below is my completed complex repeating pattern!


I definitely was a challenge for me....but this project has inspired me to continue with designing patterns. Between my love of color palettes, graphic design, and my passion for sewing and quilting, this is a perfect "next step" for me! Hope you enjoy my final color variations. Thanks so much to Bonnie Christine for the awesome class and for being an inspiration to me!



Ideas are forming for building a complete collection around this theme.....you will have to stay tuned!

Here is one companion pattern.....


and some color variations....


more to come.... 

Thanks, Bonnie, for your help with this one! A tricky barbed wire stripe!


More color variations....



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