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Workout Tracker


This project is a simple workout tracker.  I have often been frustrated by the amount of cluter and unneccesary features of some workout trackers.  For me, the most important part of working out is to stick to the routine or plan I have made for myself and to understand where the next "progression" is in my workout.

My app seeks to solve that problem.  Not only will the user be able to create their own progressions and routines, there will be several pre-built routines available to them.  

Main features:

Progressions:  the app will automatically select your next workout parameters based on previous workouts.

Routines:  the app will allow you to use pre-built suggested routines, build your own, use an ad-hoc routine, and save that ad-hoc routine.

History:  the app will keep a record of your performance for each exercise, and suggest to you the next progression of that exercise.

Workouts:  the app will assist you in tracking your workout during the workout

Music control:  the app will allow you to start\stop and access playlists during your workout.


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