Workout Started!

Workout Started! - student project

Here's my "Right here, right now" painting. Some details so I can refer back to it as well:

Workout Started! - image 1 - student project


Size: A5 

Time taken: 30min

@acuarelaswhitenights watercolours: quinacridone rose, Turqouise, sepia, indigo, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre 

Canson XL watercolour paper 300gsm 


Other tools:

Princeton Snap! Size 12 round (this brush was used for the entire painting)

Large mop brush - just to apply clean water at the start

@lamy_official safari pen with waterproof dark brown ink

White gely roll pen

@derwent watercolour pencils: delft blue 28(to sketch initially), cedar green 50, may green 48 .


The steps:

Wet the entire page with clean water - I used the large mop brush

Loosely add in colour. I started with turqouise and pink for “surprise” colours and gradually added loose shapes and colours based on the photo, working from the outside in

Build up details and shadows as the page dries, adding splatter for texture

While wet, used watercolour pencils for some details on the plants

Dry using a hairbrush and added plank detail on the door using dry brush technique. Mixed turqouise and quin rose for some purple shadow colours

Made sure to repeat colours in other parts of the painting, into shadows etc

Dried again the final details on plank divisions and lock bars

Added some final details with lamy pen and white gel pen .

Jo-Marie Barlow
Watercolour Creative