Workmanship Co.

Workmanship Co. - student project


 I have a BFA in printmaking and have been commercially screen-printing since I graduated 4 years ago.  I have a passion for printing and a DIY spirit.  I am a contract printer for an apparel and textile printing shop, I run a 10 color automatic and also print manually.  I have been able to utilize the shop for my own jobs as well, and have built a growing client base.  My goal is to get back to making fine art prints and working with flat stock.  I would love to create editions for artists, working with them to translate their work into screen-printing so that it is affordable to support the artist and invest in a unique print.  Giclees and digital prints also fill this need but they have no depth, no tangible layer of ink. My generation is poor in spending money and wall space.  Prints allow us to collect and support artists, to hang a print on the wall with nails, tacks, and cheap frames.  While the one of a kind painting sells to a tech guy for 3k, we are curating our walls with hand made prints, or trading them with friends.   

If I have to print t-shirts to sustain printing flat stock I will do that as long as necessary.  I am nervous about the idea that running my own business would force me "off press", I love being in ink all day. I am also evaluating if taking the leap into getting my own space is feasible here in the Bay Area.  

Elevator Pitch:

 Workmanship Co. was founded in May 2015 as a screen-printing and design company with the dream of creating a print shop that specializes in custom apparel and artists’ editions.  We have no minimums; our concern is quality over quantity.  Have an idea but don't know how to translate it into a great print?  Workmanship offers art and design services and can help with your project from start to finish.  Work with us to create a finished design you would be proud to wear on your sleeve!  Workmanship Co. also works with artists to create silk-screened paper editions that are affordable and beautifully unique. 

My website is  

2-5 Year Plan: 

By year 2 I hope to have some equipment leased or bought and a client base with 5-10 clients that order regularly and a handful of custom one off jobs each month, figure out if there is capital available. By year 3 I would like to have a space that is affordable, maybe a live/work situation, start to work on weaning my business off t-shirt money and focusing more time on art prints. Nick, you said things start to move more slowly once a small business starts to grow, so I'm not sure if my time line of expectations is realistic! 


Thanks so much for sharing your expertise and taking the time to read my pitch.  Lots of old screen printers I talk to try and dissuade me from printing paper, they only see the $$ in piles of t-shirts.  Mama's Sauce is fiery inspiration!  I screen print all my business cards.