Working with lightroom.

Working with lightroom. - student project

So here is the original image


Working with lightroom. - image 1 - student project

and here is the standard edit I would apply using one of my own presets:


Working with lightroom. - image 2 - student project

Which keeps the image quite contrasty, the right is still dark to encourage the view to look over the shoulder of the mechanic in the foreground.  I don't normally work with curves because I find the result to be too harsh. I want a reportage style of "In the moment". So rough, over or under exposed, captured movement.  


Here is my next edit from scratch and I've incorporated your curves technique of moving the start and finish of the curves line.


Working with lightroom. - image 3 - student project

Which is a lot more balanced, but i think the colours are now a little over saturated.

And a final go at the orange/teal mix, which I'm not sure works here. 


Working with lightroom. - image 4 - student project

Overall, i've learned something new with the tone curves, I didn't realise you could move the ends of the line and also pressing "o" when using the brush to spot edit to highlight the area being selected.

Thank you.


and now a few pictures in what i would call my "usual" style.


Working with lightroom. - image 5 - student project

Working with lightroom. - image 6 - student project

Working with lightroom. - image 7 - student project


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