Working smarter

Working smarter - student project

This was a good way for me to reinvest in a smarter way to be productive.  I used to micromanage myself (years ago) and felt like I grew rigid and relationships suffered.  Cue to more than 10 years later and I am suffering from functioning without one.  I have some projects I'm creating and need a high level of organization to maintain accountability and productivity.  

I'm using Asana and Google calendar for a digital system and a notebook for a paper system.  I tried only digital and only paper but neither lasted as it wasn't enough. I also tried some other apps/products as a stand alone system and also found I had needs that were not being met.  I feel better about having tools for both long and short term planning as well as a visual map to reference when I want to keep key ideas and goals in mind. 

I have also taken a serious look at how I am managing 3 email accounts.  I one inbox at 0!  I have to admit that I love seeing it empty.  1 down and 2 to go!

Brandi Ellis

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