Working should be fun!

I’m a fashion student in Lima, Peru. I usually love to design Haute Couture, but for this project I would like to focus on a common problems: Work-wear and sizes, also if I have more time I would like start also in clothes for skinny people.

1.    What problem do you want to solve?

In my country work wear and clothes in general are really dull; only black, grey and sometimes blue for suits and white shirts, sometimes you may see pastels but among a very young generation or artists. Also I would like to add that there’s not standardized clothing size (except in some local stores) so most of the clothes are not designed and made for the Peruvian body that’s normally skinny in the waist but wide in the hips, resulting in unflattering shapes made by clothing.

2.    How are you going to solve it?

I would like to make it more fun beginning with shirts for this project and moving into ties, adding subtle patterns like washed out florals. Also adding more bold colors in them, quite similar to the last Burberry Prosum for men. Also I would like to study the market to have a more standardized size without incurring into bespoken costs.

3.    How is it different from what's already on the market?

As I said this market is full of dull white shirts and very traditional clothing almost like industrial era, so adding some things differentiating from the competence would give me a certain advantage

4.    Who is your demographic?

Executives are out of this, there’s a deeper culture that makes working with this group a long task for the type of project I want to work with. So my demographic will be office workers between the ages of 23 and 35, young men who are already working and capable of buying their own clothes.

5.    How much would you pay for it?

There’s lots of bespoken tailoring and industrial as well, as most of them range from a price of 70 soles for basic shirts to 300 or even 900 soles for bespoken or branded (25 to 300 dollars) something in between 85 to 120 soles should be acceptable for the type of clothing I’m trying to offer. . Also worth mentioning is that a small store that sells casual shirts with this concept sells them for 250 soles (90 dollars) but I’m going to focus on office clothing.


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