Working out

Working out - student project

I have been painting with watercolors approximately 2 years now. I've had ups and downs during my journey; sudden wrist pain, lack of motivation etc. 

This spring I decided to start again. The first task of painting the wooden door seemed a bit dull at first. But when I got into painting it, it actually started to get very interesting.

I actually learned quite a lot already from this first project. I noticed I was making a lot of mistakes (painting the door first, painting the lines in the door on top of the door handles etc.) 
Despite these, I wanted to continue, and the outcome turned out better than I initially expected.

Working out - image 1 - student project


The next week I continued with the next two lessons. I'm not able to practice daily, but I try to do at least a couple of exercises per week.

I found both the following exercises useful. I have noticed differences between synthetic and natural hair brushes, synthetic ones being a bit harder. Noticing this difference makes it easier to select a brush for a specific purpose.

Working out - image 2 - student project


I tried the third task with different brushes. Again, natural and synthetic brushes behaved a bit differently. I like the consistency of the Winsor & Newton sable brush, but it wasn't the easiest one to handle for this task. Secondly I tested my Temprera synthetic brush, which was had the worst feel for this kind of pattern.

I also wanted to test smaller brushes. The Empremar natural hair brush felt better comparing to the Leonard synthetic one. Conclusions: this kind of painting is best done with a natural hair brush.

Working out - image 3 - student project