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Working on that HOOK


I have these two posts scheduled for later this week...

(Does asking for newsletter sign up actually count as a Right Hook?) 


(also thrown on IG as well)

Here is the IG version of the photo (I know, I'm not that "artsy")...

Right Hook...


I started out online as a stay-at-home mom of 3 girls.  At the time a lot of SAHMs were figuring out how to build websites.  I thought it would be fun to do.  They all said, "If you're going to build a website, make it about something you're passionate about."  

So softball it was!

From the beginning the point was to share things I've learned along the way, as a player, as a coach, and as a parent.  Some I was taught by other very wise people, other things no one told me, but I wish someone had.  I wanted to share helpful tips with others in the fastpitch softball community so they could enjoy the game as much as I did.

More recently I want to empower people, to help them realize that they are more capable than they know or give themselves credit for, that even if they "fail" it doesn't make them a FAILURE, don't give up, don't quit, they are AMAZING even if they don't yet know it.  

Recently someone asked to feature my site on theirs.  They asked if I wanted to write up a bio or just go with something THEY had drafted.  I've never been very good at about pages or bios so I told him to send over what he had and I'd review it, tweak it, add to if necessary.  Here is what he sent over and I think it sums things up nicely... 

While there are a lot of great web sites promoting the development of physical skills, the thing that sets Stacie apart is her perspective with regard to the mental approach to the game. Stacie displays an obvious respect and love for fastpitch softball.

She offers ideas on how to grow in every area,and sometimes really makes you look inward to evaluate, and hopefully improve as a coach, player, or fan.  For those interested in the college recruiting process, Stacie offers some tremendous insight and advice regarding how to proceed. I guarantee, if you follow Stacie on Twitter, "Like" her on Facebook, or visit her web site at, you will at least walk away feeling motivated and inspired to go out and play or coach RIGHT NOW! 

My HOOK Problem

I've always been pretty good at the jabbing part, not so great at the HOOK part.  This is were I need to get better.  It comes from values I was taught as a kid I guess or maybe just my personality.  I never really ask for anything.  

Even as a child when my grandmother, who had the money to do so, would take me shopping and tell me to grab ANYTHING I wanted from the store or mall...I never wanted to make her pay a lot of money for anything for me.  

Now that I'm older I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been to WANT to spend money on your grandchild and they don't just cooperate!  I think this is probably how my fans feel.  They probably want to spend money on what I have to offer and I don't give them much of an opportunity to do so.  Like Gary said, I'm afraid to ASK!

For a long time I felt that I don't know anything people who pay for or I don't have anything to sell.  I'm learning to get past that mindset.  For now, I'm starting small and focusing on just 1-2 of my own HOOKS to throw.  I also LOVE affiliate marketing and have a much easier time promoting others than myself, so I'll probably throw some HOOKS that way as well.  I'm working on pinpointing programs that make the most sense and actually produce a result.  

Current Social Media Strategy

Right now I love being on facebook and interacting with people there.  My FB posts go to twitter too.  I do my best to post stuff that gets me fired up or stuff that I feel strongly about.  If it grabs me that much, I know it will grab other fastpitch fans/parents/coaches as well.  I also know that I'll really "connect" with people who have similar values/priorities as I do, so I focus on those people most.  

I do my best to post to FB regularly, 1-2x a day.  I'm slowly learning how to add in some "ask" to my schedule of posts for the week.  I also do my best to respond to comments.  On twitter I try to respond to every @reply or RT.  

When people email/message me with specific questions, I send responses to those inquiries too.  I always have.  People always write back surprised that a "real person" is on the other end and not just some computer generated system or some unknown "assistant" sending out generic pre-written responses.  

Over the years I've learned to be as REAL as possible, to stop trying to please everyone, and to be less offended if people have a different perspective! lol


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